• Rarity Day Comes to an End

    It's been a busy day for Rarity! So she is off to bed with the help of AJ to get her there. Her friends will always be there to watch out for her.

    First off I'd like to thank you all for dealing with our little delay for Rarity's special day, we really appreciate all of your flexibility. Furthermore, thanks once more for sending in everything you could for Rarity Day! We couldn't do it without you all.

    As for character days our next one is coming up later this month with Sunset Shimmer Day on the equinox! We'll see you all on September 22nd!

    Check on after the break for a bunch of stuff we couldn't fit in today!


    [1] Source

    Grayhoof - Black Roses by Grayhoof

    [2] Source

    MLP:FiM 3 Different Dresses by LoneBronyProductions

    [3] Source

    Nicolas Dominique - Our Dark Sides [Ambient] by Nicolas Dominique

    [4] Source

    Stitching and Serging by 3 Pwnys and Sean Sol by Sean Sol

    [5] Source

    PMV: Any Way You Want It by Eldonde

    [6] Source

    PMV: Back in the High Life Again by Eldonde

    [7] Source

    Rock What You Got by Spotted Hyena

    [8] Source

    Art Of The Dress (8-Bit) by RC88

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    Becoming Popular (The Pony Everypony Should Know) (8-Bit) by RC88

    [10] Source

    Becoming Popular - Arranged for Jazz Trio by MusicByOctavia

    [11] Source

    Art of the Dress - Bluegrass Arrangement by MusicByOctavia

    [12] Source

    Nicolas Dominique - Secluded Glen by Nicolas Dominique





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    Rarity thingy booper by Mahexa

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    on the beach (lineart) by Zetamad

    [3] Source

    dia 7 - pasarela by Zetamad

    [4] Source

    30 Dayz Of PINKS - Day 01 by RupertBlueFox

    [5] Source

    Tsunde-Rarity by TalonsofIceandFire


    "the Rarifans from Latin, of the group Legion Rarity Facebook we celebrate the day of Rarity"


        The Blessings of Beauty 
        A poem by Booksmart
                                 Let me ask you some questions of what , where, who, and why;
           Is beauty truly in the beholder's eye?
    What is beauty?    
    Is all about aesthetics ?
         Is it in our our our genetics?
               Is in  fashion health products, or even cosmetics?
                       Allow me to answer your questions to appease your curiosity:
                         The secret to true beauty is the virtue of generosity.
                               Be unselfish ;, the world isn't always about you! 
                               See hear, ,feel ,touch ,smell and taste beauty in different points of view.
       May generosity be your sacred duty.
               And may count your blessingsThe blessings of beauty.
                     I learned my lesson that true beauty doesn't come from a from a jar.
                 It's about accepting your loved ones and yourself for who you are!
           Avoid the overindulgent temptations and avarice of being a sybarite .
              Your kind heart is the true treasure that should leave your sight.
       When conformity and fads controls you under its legalistic law,
                     Shine your diversity like a light to make the world shock in awe: 
            Intelligence, confidence , joy ,honesty and a kind heart.
                                Combine these elements together and you create works of art! 
                     Use them when the world treats you and your friends so cruelly.
              And be fruitful of the blessings of beauty
           Beauty comes in various forms! 
        To shatter glass ceilings and and other societal norms! 
     Love  and share the beauty of your friends and loved ones, as well as you , yourself, and yours truly.
             And embrace and cherish  the blessings of beauty


    Twitter: Calpain