• Hasbro Scoops Up the "Allspark Animation" Trademark

    In their quest for world domination of the media sector, Hasbro has been going hardcore at the movie and animation biz. While traditionally working through third parties like DHX for the cartoon offerings, it looks like that might be changing soon with a new trademark filing. "Allspark Animations" will be focused on the following:

    Entertainment services, namely, production and distribution of movies, television series, online series, webisodes and digital content; entertainment media production services for motion pictures, television and internet

    At the moment not much else is known, as is the norm for these early trademark snipes. It could be completely focused on Transformers (hence the "Allspark" title) or it could be an all encompassing like Allspark Studios, their live-action movie brand. Keep an eye out for more info!

    Thanks to Isaiah for the heads up.