• Community Soapbox #46 - RD's Greek God Heritage, Windy Whistle Origins, Immortality, and More!

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    Headlines for the week:

    • Rainbow Dash's Subtle Mythology
    • Whistler: Bringing Back A MLP Classic
    • Utopia Breaker
    • Classic Rock Genre in MLP
    • Immortality and the Mane 6
    • Why Derpy is EVERYTHING the Fandom Should Be

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    Rainbow Dash's Subtle Mythology
    By: Muisi

    Our Rainbow Dash is extremely similar to The Goddess Iris of Greek Mythology who is the personification/Goddess of the Rainbow. The Traits they have in common being their speed(Iris was shift messenger like Hermes), The Rainbows(Iris was the god of Rainbows and left rainbow trails exactly like Dash’s), Weather management and bringing seawater to the clouds(Iris watered the clouds to create Rainbows while Rainbow Dash is in charge of the cloudsdale hurricane) and their sense of Justice(Iris would put perjurers to sleep) but my favorite aspect of both characters is that they represent Hopes, Dreams and Prayers, either fulfilling them themselves or bringing them to those that can which for Rainbow Dash can be seen The Cutie Mark Chronicles, Hurricane Fluttershy or any Scootaloo episode.

    The characters match each other so well that you’d think it was planned but this is just a miraculous coincidence since Rainbow Dash is only Rainbow Dash because Lauren Faust couldn’t use Firefly and had to slap on a G3 pony’s colors, but these eerie similarities make wonder if the show will acknowledge this since pegasi are greek in nature.

    Whistler: Bringing Back A MLP Classic
    By: Booksmart

    Lauren Faust and The Hasbro Crew Truly dug deep in the MLP time console/Memory Lane to create the pop cultural phenomenon My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic by bringing back Characters such as Night Glider , Moondancer, Twilght Sparkle, Rainbow Dash, Applejack , and even Spike The Dragon to be revitalized in G4 glory and bring their characters to life. However There's one Mlp Character I hope They bring back: Wind Whistler! No, Not Wind Rider, not Thistle Whistle , not even Windy Whistle ! Wind Whistler! To those unfamiliar to the character , allow me to explain. Wind Whistler is a Pegasus mare from The G1 1980's My Little Pony show. She has a pale pink mane and tail , magenta eyes, light sky blue fur, and her cutie mark is a collection of five whistles,3 pink, two dark blue blowing in the wind. She's intelligent , erudite , modest , and also a eloquent speaker like Twilght Sparkle and has the valor, adventurous and heroic spirit , agility ,and loyalty of Rainbow Dash. Shes truly "The Spock/Seven of Nine of MLP"in both The 1980's MY little Pony show and The 1986 My Little Pony Movie. Despite Being logical brainiac to which her friends view in some moments being cold cold, unemotional , and sometimes a bit of downer, deep Down She has a sensitive soul and a heart of gold and truly does care for and help her friends. I think I saw Wind Whistler in The official 2017 My Little Pony Movie Trailer.( although That could be Sassaflash in Toon Boom Harmony animated glory.) Still, I hope They bring Wind Whistler in G4 MLP to interact with the 7 main characters and company. Heres' hoping she makes her triumphant return /debut in Season 7, Season 8 and beyond, or if possible, let debut as character in G5 MY Little Pony! #Bring Back Wind Whistler

    Utopia Breaker
    By: Daniela

    Over the years I think Equestria has been progressing a lot. That's great, improvement rules. But that's a problem if we see it story-wise. The show has been sticking to slice of life more than usual because of this - there's no conflict because Equestria is too perfect (almost an Utopia) so there's not much in the adventure department. Now I know the show has always been slice-of-lifey, but it always had those moments where a mythological creature would casually pop up and make things a tiny bit harder. E.g: Hydras, manticore, Gilda herself, Cerverus, Iron Will, or even natural disasters (tornados, avalanches, floods, etc). I don't want the show to go to the Edgy zone either, but an anti-utopic factor wouldn't hurt. Add some risks, but not extreme. That's what Faust had planned at first anyway. Or add something that might make me go ":0" - but hey this is all just a pet peeve of mine.

    Classic Rock Genre in MLP
    By: MegaSean45

    Now I've always been a music kind of dude! Music is one of the things that makes the MLP series great, it's all very catchy! Sometimes Daniel gets adventurous with the genres! However most of the songs sound modern-poppy, and I'm not a big fan of that genre. You know what music genre we need on the show? Classic rock! Not like the rock from Rainbow Rocks! That music is catchy, but... not very classic sounding!

    I've always loved hearing the unique rock styles of Boston, Styx, Kansas, Genesis, Eddie Money, Stevie Nicks, Bon Jovi, etc. Don't you wanna hear Rainbow Dash sing in an 80s style rock like Pat Benatar? Doesn't some of the songs on the show need more cowbell? How about some 50s or 60s style rock like Chuck Berry, Little Richard, the Beach Boys... oooh, I so wanna hear a quartet on the show sounding like the Four Seasons! :D

    What do y'all think? Bring some oldies style stuff into the show every so often? This generation needs a taste of some classic rock! Don't believe me? Look up these awesome artists! :D

    Immortality and the Mane 6
    by Grayhoof

    Something I've been seeing very often is people saying that Twilight Sparkle is not immortal. They back their words up with a 2013 tweet from Meghan McCarthy, in which she states, "Twilight will not outlive her friends." The thing is, this is a very vague and ambiguous statement. There's a lot of room for theorizing and analysis here. One possible interpretation is that the rest of the Main Six themselves will gain alicornhood in the future. The darker route, however, sees Twilight being killed by some as-yet-unknown force, which would lead us to conclude that she is not completely immortal: she can be killed by non-natural means. However, this is unlikely to come true, as it would be deemed too dark by show standards. Even then, it provides no conclusions as to whether she is immortal otherwise.

    But maybe the immortality has nothing to do with alicornhood. Maybe the Elements will keep their bearers alive for eternity. Or maybe the show will just end before it needs to deal with the Six in their old age and their deaths. You can't really "outlive" someone, or be outlived, if neither of you die.

    Why Derpy is EVERYTHING the Fandom Should Be
    By: TrotterPrime

    While Starlight Glimmer has gone on to become #1 ‘best pony’ in the eyes of the Brony fandom, I think that we’ve all come to forget a very certain, special mare whom we’ve all loved since the very first episode; Derpy Hooves. Although she’s just a background character with very few lines ever said, there’s still a lot to her in canon to be admired; although she’s clumsy and makes mistakes, she never lets them get her down and even tries to make up for them whenever she can, she’s a responsible, hard-working mailmare who does her job and does it well, she does well with children and takes time aside to be a big sister to them, she’s a good friend even if she has a bit of an attention problem; and even when something unfortunate happens to her, she manages to turn that around into a positive. She’s not spiteful, not vindictive, she’s kind, caring, optimistic, and responsible. She’s everyone’s friend. She Loves and Tolerates.

    If Starlight Glimmer represents the Brony Fandom, then Derpy Hooves represents everything it SHOULD be.