• Community Soapbox #45 - Game of Thrones Vs. Pony, Not Powerless Princesses, Featherbangs, and More

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    Headlines for the week:

    • Is MLP actually Game of Thrones in Disguise?
    • The Princesses Were Never Powerless: A Theory
    • Earth Pony Magicians
    • Feather Bangs in Future episodes?
    • Will Guardians Of Harmony Be the Adventure Half Of The Series?
    • The Mechanics of Gratitude

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    Is MLP actually Game of Thrones in Disguise?
    By: Dan

    I recently had the chance to see both shows side to side and a lot of things struck me. They are very similar. I will make some side to side comparisons with MLP first and GOT second. Nighmare moon's return vs the white walkers return. The Canterlot wedding vs the red wedding. Twilight Sparkle who is kind of Spikes mother becomes a princess vs Daenerys Targaryen who is a mother of 3 dragons becomes a queen. The map of Equestria vs the map of Game of thrones. King Sombra vs king Joffrey. Your enemies from yesterday are your allies today vs your enemies from yesterday are your allies today. Chrisalis's trone blows up in the season 6 finale vs the high sparrow's house blows up in the season 6 finale. I probably missed a lot but i think you get the idea. One more for fun :D.
    The same opening for 7 years in both but with slight changes every season....oh wait. Scratch that. MLP changed their opening in season 6 MLP: Friendship is Magic Season 6 | Official Teaser Trailer

    The Princesses Were Never Powerless: A Theory
    by: Star Platimun

    It’s been a talking point that the almighty princesses are completely useless but i don’t think they are, My theory is that Nightmare Moon was the the only real threat equestria has faced and that everything else is just a lesson for Twilight. My reasoning behind this Celestia and Luna’s Power, they can move Stellar masses casually(and yes equestria’s sun is the same as ours) and from millions of miles away which means they could easily crush and kill Chrysalis, Tirek and any monster or tribe leader that threatens their kingdom, even Discord is threatened by a tatzleworm so it makes sense that Celestia could crush or cook him. The only reason why they don’t is because they don’t want to be feared and believe in the power of friendship to the point of handing their almighty power to Twilight knowing that she’ll win the day with friendship, it’s also why they weren't the least bit scared in the S4 opener. I also believe that the alternate timelines in the S5 finale weren’t real timelines but instead simple visions meant to convert Starlight, mostly because each timeline only had one threat when logically they should all have all threats.

    Earth Pony Magicians
    By: Golden Quill

    I was very disappointed to find out that hoofdini was a unicorn since the real Houdini wouldn't be impressive at all if he had a magic wand tapped to his head in a world were everyone has also has a magic wand tapped to their head, instead I want to see an earth pony perform insane and unexplainable tricks since the entire point of being a magician is to be an unexplainable dazzler, equestrian magicians are more analogous to human body builders or weight lifters than human magicians since they show off a version of something everyone has rather than being mysterious. If an earth pony or pegasus became a magician then they would be far more awe inspiring than their unicorn counterparts.

    Feather Bangs in Future episodes?
    By: Nightmare Muffin

    I know a lot of people hate the guy, whether because he’s a Justin Beiber parody or he’s voiced by Flash Sentry’s VA, but he’s not all that bad, I think. He was willing to change his ways and be open to the CMC that talking to ponies scares him. He’s talented in singing, juggling, and is quite poetic, in fact. I think it’d be interesting to see him become a pop star and collab with Sapphire Shores; eventually coming to Ponyville on their tour, and finding the CMC there, but still needing further lessons on how to personally talk to ponies- one of which could be Cheerilee, who falls for him, and Feather would put his social skills lessons from the CMC to the test. Maybe it doesn’t win her over immediately, but they agree to keep in touch, and Feather has the CMC write him every so often with further social advice to work on wooing Cheerilee through a long distance relationship? Could also be interesting if he included a line and picture in one of his letters that he ran into Babs later, learned she was also a CMC, and got himself a haircut from her.

    Will Guardians Of Harmony Be the Adventure Half Of The Series?
    By: Games

    Lauren Faust originally intended Friendship is Magic to be switch from Action Adventure like G1 to Slice of Life fun like G3 which is the show worked in season 1 with episodes like Boast Busters and Green Isn’t Your Color being followed up by Dragonshy and Over a Barrel, I think this was healthier for the show and the only reason it was phased out was because like G1 it tried to appeal to both boys and girls when Hasbro only wanted to appeal to girls but now that Hasbro trying to appeal to both sexes albeit in different toy lines and different colors then assuming GOH gets any kind of media besides an occasional comic then it would be the first dedicated action adventure series in a franchise that has had action adventure roots since the 80’s.

    The Mechanics of Gratitude
    By: James Games

    The thing most don’t understand about Positive(Yang) energy is that it is the path of difficulty and underappreciation, It is harder to create than destroy, harder to show an enemy compassion than contempt and harder to have integrity then give in to impulses. The mechanics of gratitude are how positive things become second nature to us and fall to the back of our minds while negative things come forefront, if someone insults the thing you love on the internet then you’re not grateful that you live in a first world country, have perfect health or own expensive technology that can receive/display such messages, instead you’re mad that someone disagreed with you on the internet. Likewise the mere act of being alive and cognizing requires so many processes on so many levels but we don’t care because everyone does it and it along with all the inventions, knowledge and breakthroughs that form our modern lives is just part of the background. This is why we have to constantly improve lest desensitization kicks in. We also have a thing called Loss Aversion which causes us to want to gain at least twice as much as we lose to deem loss acceptable, which makes excellence truly demanding.

    Rainbow Dash’s parents didn’t understand this and treated her like a deity for simply being born which caused her to develop severe narcissism, a need for validation and ultimately not truly believing in her abilities and developing a fear of public failure in Sonic Rainboom. Many don’t understand this and become hostile towards criticism and even questions, no matter how constructive but this is why we need critique and while it's possible to go too far with it like praise, we ultimately the balance of both praise and critique.