• BronyCon 2017 PMV Contest Winners Showcase

    Quite a lot of awesome stuff was displayed over at BronyCon this year. Now that the event is over, the videos have been uploaded to Youtube for public consumption. These are the winners, as chosen by the PMV community in various categories at the annual contest held over there.

    Head on down below the break to check them out!

    [1] Source

    Pay No Mind | PMV Collab by The Collaboratory

    [2] Source

    PMV: Boulevard of Broken Dreams by Eldonde

    [3] Source

    [PMV] Motion Dash - Motion Graphics Playground III by Animerge

    [4] Source

    小幸运 (PMV) by MrJazz1401

    [5] Source

    [PMV]Hall Of Fame by FazexPON3

    [6] Source

    PMV - Point of No Return by Pro BRony

    [7] Source

    [PMV Final] - Dear My Friends by Soniccrew128

    [8] Source

    [PMV] Whereabouts Unknown by F-man 32

    [9] Source

    Shelter [PMV] by Jack DC 93