• Build-A-Bear Posts Image of Songbird Serenade and Tempest Shadow Plushies

    The Buiild a Bear Facebook Page has posted up the image above of the new Tempest Shadow and Songbird Serenade plushies they have releasing later this year It's pretty small, but you can make out what they look like well enough. Tempest has to be the most hardcore thing I've ever seen in a Build-A-Bear store.

    The description:

    "Discover more pony magic with NEW @mylittlepony arrivals! TEMPEST SHADOW and SONGBIRD SERENADE join the furry friend fun, and TWILIGHT SPARKLE, PINKIE PIE & RAINBOW DASH furry friends have sparkly fur for the first time ever for My Little Pony: The Movie

    **FREE GIFT**Purchase any My Little Pony furry friend in-store between Thurs 31st August & Sun 1st September to receive a FREE My Little Pony: The Movie poster and a buy-one-get-one-free movie pass! Hurry, while stocks last"

    Thanks to Jen for sending it!