• Artist Training Grounds VII - Day 30, Final Day

    And so here we are my friends: finally at the very end. It's been one heck of a journey with you guys over the past month (and some change) and I can't be more proud of how well you all rose to the challenge of tackling the ATG. Though our numbers dwindled towards the end I feel like we had more people than usual this year complete all the prompts than in the past couple ATGs and that puts a huge smile on my face.

    You all certainly took advantage of the makeup days this time around! We received 128 ponies today, a huge increase over yesterday's figures and bringing us up to 4168 ponies altogether.

    While it's sad the ATG is over with for another year, I do have the pleasure of giving you all the traditional final prompt that has been carried on since Phoe's time: Draw a pony graduating / Draw a pony party. You've earned it everyone! Time to collect your diplomas.

    Our final submitter is here!

    Remember, our compiler is up a few hours even after this post goes up so feel free to submit your submission even though this post is up!

    Check on after the break for our full gallery!

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    1 Derpy's Journey Through the Chaos Realm - Grim Ponka

    This piece was made for both day 11 and 29 of the NATG. I feel that the picture touches upon both prompts pretty well seeing that it shows Derpy at the end of her grand adventure grand adventure and her simplistic wonder at having reached the climax of it (she is such a silly, innocent pony). Even though not entirely intended, I like to think that the picture mirrors my experience at having come to the end of the NATG, what with little Derpy looking out into the mess that is her imagination and finding the entire sight amazing. The entire challenge was fun and stressful but most of all it was a great learning experience. Being able to draw ponies everyday and have them showcased alongside individuals just as noobie as me and those who sparked my competitive side, made the entire experience an enjoyable one.

    Thank you namean95 for collaborating on this with me, senpai would be proud :D

    The rest of my thanks are on my DA, so be sure to drop by.

    Grim Ponka out!

    2 Can't Help Falling in Love With You - EbonyCrystal1986

    Day 9 called for either a pony in love or a pony crushing on someone, so I figured I'd do something a LITTLE different for two very special someponies(who are also a couple IRL). :3

    This pic is a gift for two of my VERY good friends of their OCs, Quill Pen and Aqua Berry. These two have always been there for me IRL and for everything they've done for me in the past, I figured they deserved something special. Also I was listening to the Lilo and Stitch version of this song, hence the title.(and YES they loved it, so that makes me happy ^-^ )

    3 Stargazing - EbonyCrystal1986

    Day 22's prompt was to either draw a pony stargazing or a pony being eclipsed, so I went for the first option. I'm REALLY proud of the background for this one, too. :3

    After meeting Princess Twilight, Ebony had gotten interested in Astronomy, and she found out the balcony to her house was a great place to look at the stars, especially on a clear night where she could see millions of them with the silver moon up above her. She couldn't wait to use her new telescope to see what new constellations she could find tonight. She had to admit, Princess Luna had really outdone herself this time...

    4 EQD ATG Final Day - Elements of the Old Gods - WolfieDrawie

    14 - Draw a pony crossing over with your favorite game, book, ect / Draw a pony doing something you enjoy

    5 EQD ATG Final Day - Slnko v sieti - WolfieDrawie

    Drew: Look! The sun is in the net!

    6 Eeveelution Spike X Rarity - ChiptuneBrony

    Spike the Eevee falls for the beautiful Rarity the Glaceon.

    7 NATG2017 - MAKEUP3 - Chillaxing - DarkDabula

    I think the ponies deserve some Chillaxing.

    Hi guys !

    It's last Makeup Day on EqDs NATG. While I am a little tired, I just doodled a little instead trying to put all past prompts into one picture.
    I didn't get a good idea for that so I gave the ponies and dragons a break.

    Created with pen(s) and paper
    Color correction with GIMP

    8 Drawing for the ATG - Comic Relief

    Youd think this prompt would be really difficult and time consuming. But i came to a simple solution: I drew myself...drawing entries for the ATG!
    Doing this completes 15 prompts. Have fun trying to figure out what they are! (Or just go to my DA-page for full explanation for them, LÖL)

    9 EQD ATG Final Day - Even with the Roots?! - WolfieDrawie

    I know I know I've done something similar, but Drew REALLY REALLY needs to make sure if she REALLY REALLY REALLY ... eats only grass

    16 A Happy Ending for Barb - ChiptuneBrony

    Inspired by Panyang-Panyang's Happy Ending for Barb on the Waifu Chart. The End... <3 i="">

    17 sun tanning - maroy

    luna will probably just leave her there when shes done

    20 30 Days, 30 Dashes - M.W.

    I hope it's not too late to submit... everything at once. :)

    22 ..Flower - MaiSky

    Makup for day #24

    23 ..Stargaze.. - MaiSky

    Makup for day #22

    24 ..Party? - MaiSky

    Makup for day #13

    25 - Mcee

    26 Everypony: Pose like a team... - Kinrah

    ...because stuff just got real.

    From left to right, your cast of this ATG: Aquamarine, Luna, Skyforge, Anthem, Lux, Bliss, Celestia, Discord, and on top of the locomotive GG and Chief. What a long, strange trip it's been, and what a long trip it's still sure to be.

    For the final day, my 101st deviation, a combination of day 1: Pose, technically day 9: Love, day 11: Adventure, day 14: Crossover, and day 29: End. Thank you for sticking with me if you have been, to everybody who's favourited both here and on Derpibooru, and to Equestria Daily for getting me off my behind and back into drawing (again).

    28 Dream Flying Away - gameangel147

    Her wings are out of frame okay?

    30 Dark shades of the Rainbow - Cluvry

    Let's say that it's for day's 25 prompt x3

    32 Toilet Trouble (Prompt 25) - Gary Mitchelhill (Rapidsnap)

    Was going to draw a part 2 to this for catch up day but I'm tired from my day out and about to head to bed now.

    33 School of Seaponies - Frith

    If at first you don't succeed, try, try again! This is my submission for the 'school' prompt for day 28. The uploader processed it, it popped up at position 62 in the gallery, and then... dun dun dun duhhhhh! something happened. My school of fishy ponies vanished and in the 62 position, another art work that is double posted (62 and 63). Well, I get knocked down, but I get up again. You're never going to keep me down... (sing with me!) This way, I had something all set to go for the final makeup gallery! If I can wake up before the deadline, perhaps I'll try to submit something else. There has been a lot of awesome art, clever ideas and stellar efforts submitted to this event by the lot of you and I intend to browse through all 32 galleries over the next few weeks to see them all. Kudos to all! Keep on pumping those pencils, pushing those pixels and posing those virtual puppets, and especially, keep on being inventive and fresh!

    34 PATG Final Makeup Day - Banana's style - Cobalt Sketch

    That's one potassium-rich look!

    35 Boop! - Novaintellus

    Guess what's warm, fuzzy, and clueless.

    36 Final Makeup Day - Allonsbro

    Day 19: Draw a pony showing off their special talent / Draw a pony doing something you wish you could do
    I've always been envious of people in their little groups of friends. Talking to people is scary. I always seem to have this weird aura of invisibility that relegates me to being the quiet observer in group conversations.

    37 End of a Chapter - Allonsbro

    I just couldn't leave this uncolored

    38 Compendium - Jake Lion

    for Day 28 - draw a pony bursting with knowledge

    39 In Here I Lie - Jake Lion

    Day 22 - Pony Being Eclipsed

    40 Rock's Can't Smile - Jake Lion

    Day 24 - Doing Something Unexpected

    41 Think Gentle Thoughts - Jake Lion

    Day 25 - Doing Whatever Comes to Mind

    42 The Floating Hoof - Jake Lion

    animated at the source

    Day, uh, the pony doing their special talent dat
    I'm so glad I wrote in the descriptions which ones were late I'd forgotten how many

    43 ATG Day Whatever: Serious Science - Snuggie88

    Is it Sci Twi as a pony? Is it normal Twi in a bun and lab coat?
    The world may never know.

    45 Sunny Glow does Science!!!! (Day 21 catch up) - Bronymedic

    Sunny Glow enjoys science... perhaps too much!

    49 - Plotcore

    day 21

    50 - Plotcore

    day 22

    51 - Plotcore

    day 23

    52 - Plotcore

    day 24

    53 - Plotcore

    day 25

    54 - Plotcore

    day 26

    55 Revisiting the first day - ZoneSystem

    Revisiting Day 1: Draw a pony standing / Draw a pony striking a pose

    Drawing Double Diamond one month later. While I haven’t been able to draw every day in the last month, I have drawn something many of the days. Thanks to the Artist Training Grounds for giving me the motivation to try to draw something everyday. I did try a different angle with this drawing, a front view, which is something I haven’t tried before.

    56 Day 25: Step Up - phallen1

    Vinyl and Octavia as cheerleaders! Day 25 didn't take my submission for whatever reason, so here it is again.

    57 Day 22: Eclipse - phallen1

    Obligatory eclipse joke. It's a comic! Please click through to see the whole thing! I was up all night that night working on this and couldn't get it in before the submitter closed.

    58 Day 20: Space Princess Trixie - phallen1

    This didn't make it in to the day 20 compiler, so here it is again. It's Trixie, from the future!

    59 Imagination - EbonyCrystal1986

    Man, this was a big one to take on...even with all the interruptions I had today... ^ ^;;

    Ebony has always had a vivid imagination, and of course she's read plenty of books in her lifetime and she still enjoys them today. So much so that she can never resist putting herself as the main character in the story, taking her reading to the next level. :3

    Prompts shown/combined are as follows:
    Day 12, Day 15, Day 19, Day 20, Day 24, Day 25

    I do NOT regret doing this at all no matter how tired I am now. I knocked out SEVERAL prompts with this one pic and I'll have to remember to do it again next year if I run out of time. x3;;;

    60 ATG VII Day III: Pony Stretching Limits - RizDub

    Due to being on vacation at the time, I missed the first three days of this Artist Training Grounds.

    This is my makeup for day 3. I was planning on doing a picture of Blossomforth at first, but then I remembered Ponyville's resident reality warper. (Obviously not Discord - his house is in a different realm).

    OY VEY this was difficult for me to layout. This was my second attempt to draw it - but my first attempt had the better face. So I had to do some digital trickery.

    62 - Zeta

    I could not finish on time, sorry

    63 In The End - Moonlightfan

    In the end... it does matter

    66 How To Outrun a Dragon - MorphiusX

    Artist Training Ground Prompt:
    Draw a pony in mortal peril

    67 - don

    It's been fun....

    68 'DAT RUMP YO! - MorphiusX

    Artist Training Grounds Prompt:
    Draw a pony modeling

    69 - don

    It's been fun....

    70 My EUP - MorphiusX

    Artist Training Grounds Prompt:
    Draw a pony mingling

    71 - don

    It's been fun....

    72 - don

    It's been fun....

    73 Twilight x Timber - MorphiusX

    Artist Training Grounds Prompts
    Draw a pony in love

    74 - don

    It's been fun....

    75 natg last make up Silent Specs - Matthew

    one of my other oc's I think I have about 6 or 7 of them but using inkscape takes a lot of time
    I might upload them all eventually

    76 - don

    It's been fun....

    77 HYPER SLAP STICKER II - MorphiusX

    Artist Training Ground Prompt:
    Draw a pony fighting

    78 - don

    It's been fun....

    79 - don

    It's been fun....

    80 From Panzer Wash, to Splashfest - MorphiusX

    Artist Training Grounds Prompt:
    Draw a pony party / Draw a pony family activity

    81 - don

    It's been fun....

    82 - don

    It's been fun....

    83 - don

    It's been fun....

    84 Thermal Enigma - =MorphiusX

    Artist Training Ground Prompt:
    Draw a villainous pony

    85 - don

    It's been fun....

    86 - don

    It's been fun....

    87 Wrestling is Magic: prompt #24 (make-up day 3): Such Power. - Jameson Ethan

    "Spotlight Splash was seeminly cowering in the corner, trying to figure out what she needs to do to get past Rocket Tier's fierce fists, but, i didn't expect this?! A hug! Well, it certainly thrown Rockey for aloof, he's stunned and so is this crowd, it was like everypony in the audience had been holding their breath for a few days!"

    That's rather unexpected.

    88 - don

    It's been fun....

    89 - don

    It's been fun....

    90 - Sharpshadow

    I've convinced my self this includes:
    Day 2: Draw a pony in need of direction
    Day 11: Draw a pony on a grand adventure
    Day 14: Draw a pony crossing over with your favorite game, book, ect

    91 The Knights of Time & Space - MorphiusX

    Artist Training Grounds Prompt:
    Draw a pony doing science

    This could've also been another ATG Prompt 20, but they also tinker with science every now & then, yes pun intended. ;P

    92 - don

    It's been fun....

    93 Cosmic Sisters Mischief - MorphiusX

    Artist Training Grounds Prompt:
    Draw a pony star gazing / Draw a pony being eclipsed.

    94 - don

    It's been fun....

    95 - don

    It's been fun....

    96 I'm Biding Your Time Mane Six! - MorphiusX

    Artist Training Ground Prompt:
    Draw a pony beating the odds.

    This is my Rainbow/Crystal Form, Prism Morphius as he takes on Giant Tirek to bide the Mane Six's time to acquire their Rainbow Powers & imprison back Lord Tirek once & for all.

    97 Wrestling is Magic: make-up day 3, (re-do fighting): Head and Arm Suplex-Surprise! - Jameson Ethan

    "Oh my, that was lightning quick! A sneaky 'head and arm' suplex by Spotlight Splash. She used the confusion she created by playing at Rocket Tier's heart-strings! He was momentarily still, wondering if he should comfort her or not, but when Rockey tried to put his arm over her neck, that was leverage she needed to perform this throw!"

    I couldn't make the prompt, so in it's stead, i'll try to finish his match.

    98 - don

    It's been fun....

    99 - don

    It's been fun....

    100 What did she learn in school - AaronMk


    101 The Fabelous Mistmane - MorphiusX

    Artist Training Grounds Prompt:
    Draw a primitive pony / Draw a pony going back to nature.

    102 - don

    It's been fun....

    103 Moondancer's Resources on Friendship - MorphiusX

    Artist Training Ground Prompt:
    Draw a pony at school / Draw a pony bursting with knowledge.

    104 - don

    It's been fun....

    105 - don

    It's been fun....

    106 Wrasslin' is Magic?: primitive pony: Uhhh. - Jameson Ethan

    "Uguh, Spot, hit 'plex. Now, smug with blind-fold shades. Crowd, boo!"

    Yup. Look at her swagger! Spot-life! Darn, should have put a 'Spot-life' platinum chain around her neck.

    107 TF2 Analysis Anarchy ~ Industrial Healing Factor - MorphiusX

    Artist Training Ground Prompt:
    Draw a pony on the mend / Draw a pony fixing something

    108 - don

    It's been fun....

    109 - don

    It's been fun....

    110 Let's Finish This Together - MorphiusX

    Artist Training Grounds Prompt:
    Draw a pony reaching the end / Draw a pony reaching their final destination.

    111 - don

    It's been fun....

    113 - don

    It's been fun....

    114 - don

    It's been fun....

    115 - don

    It's been fun....

    116 - don

    It's been fun....

    117 Wrestling is Magic: make-up day 3, re-do Pose: Calling for the Finisher! The Spotlight Splash! - Jameson Ethan

    "Look at her, how can she be posing like that with a smile on her face, just after slamming her own brother--who was showing some concern for her big sister--but then he gets suplexed for his troubles. And now Spotlight is calling for the lime-light, the light from the her very own star to shine down on her motionless younger brother! I can't bolieve it, this is just going to be another win for Spotlight, to win via under-handed tactics, as she climbs the turn-buckle while the crowd his hissing their distaste for her actions! Although, far be it from me, that she did do this on her own, even going against Twilight's minions."

    118 Repairing Sunburst's glasses - Mister Twister

    So, me not submitting on day 27 was totally a sneaky strategy to create continuity later!
    Trixie repairing Sunburst's glasses that I TOTALLY deliberately didn't draw here http://fav.me/dblkarf

    119 When Can I see you Again? - Binky T.

    Wow… so as stated, I was gonna reveal Binky’s new cutie mark, and here it is! This month has been fun and an absolute pleasure to do!

    120 Wrestling is Magic: make-up day 3, re-do fighting: A Familiar Flight. - Jameson Ethan

    "Rocket Tier is laying still, motionless on the canvas, it's over when Spotlight splashes down over him! Time and time again, she hit this maneuver on her brother and he never was able to kick out of it and by the looks of things, he won't be kicking out anytime soon!"

    A bit of lore: I had my old sketch I did earlier this year, or was it last year? That sketch i did then was the inspiration to do this self-imposed theme of wrestling for this NATG7. I repurposed that old sketch and placed it with the setting of a Stable Slam crowd and replaced their wrestling gear for this match.

    121 Escape from Security - GymbalLock

    Inspired by this piece of music:

    122 First Day Anxiety - cryptated

    Feverfew and her father, Bronze Valor, on her first day at a new school. Fever just wants to go home.

    OC pony fodder.

    Day 28: Draw a pony at school / Draw a pony bursting with knowledge.

    123 Catapult Launch - GymbalLock

    Day 3: Draw a pony warming up

    Background screenshot from X-plane 10

    125 Precious Fantasy of Friendship - MorphiusX

    Artist Training Grounds Prompt:
    Draw a pony chasing their dreams

    126 Wrestling is Magic: make-up day 3, reaching the goal: Rocket Knock-Out! - Jameson Ethan

    "Wha--RTKO?! 'From outta nowhere! RTKO! Rocket Tier fooled everyone--especially his older sister! Cmon! Rockey, all you gotta do his crawl over her to pin her! 1! 2--! (anime, slowly fade to white, fade out audio)"

    That was finish of the match, if you seen Randy Orton matches, they (he and his opponent) work out a spot when Randy would hit his RKO in a creative way; like Randy would be set up for an Alabama Slam and he would turn it into an RKO. An RKO is a mid-air face-down neckbreaker. Don't try it at home, leave it to the pros.

    127 Day 4: Overwhelmed - phallen1

    Several years before the story of Air Ponyville. Rainbow Dash's second tandem skydive, and Fluttershy's first. Hard to tell if Shy's crying because she's alive and unhurt and safe on the ground, or if Dash is. You wouldn't think you were looking at a future master skydiver, would you?

    Meanwhile Spitfire is like "Colonel, if you want this side business to go anywhere, maybe try not traumatizing your customers?"

    Twitter: Calpain