• Seapony Orchestra Update: Fundraising Album, Trailer + More!

    The Seapony Orchestra are performing at SEAPonyCon in a month's time, and in the lead up they've released a bunch of new stuff including a fundraising album to help cover some instrument costs composed by Sonic Hooves, which you can find here, and a trailer for the performance. They've also released the set list of what they'll be playing as well, featuring pieces from Melodic Pony, Ponyband, Sonic Hooves, CainbowRrash and Cloud Hop. Check the trailer below, as well as some further information!

    Howdy everypony, we are The Seapony Orchestra - a brony symphony orchestra project. And today we are excited to bring ya'll some updates!

    One month until our performance in SEAPonyCon! W have been working hard on practicing and transcribing sheet music. We have a new trailer for the event, which we hope you will enjoy!

    Also, to help with renting instrument and helping our members who can't afford to come for the performance, we have made a fundraising album with selected nocturnal piano tracks and a Patreon to get more funds, do support us so we can give you the best performance!

    Last but not least, we have been receiving a lot of mail asking us what songs we will perform during SEAPonyCon, and since we are all set, we are ready to reveal our perform list:

    • First Flight - Sonic.z.Hooves

    • Lullaby for a princess - Ponyphonic (A Cappella perform by PonyBand)

    • Ballad of Princess Platinum - (Original Composition by Ponyband)

    • Princess twilight orchestral suite - Melodic Pony

    • Requiem for melodic - CainbowRrash

    • Twilights star - Cloud Hop

    • Luna determination - Melodic Pony

    If you are interested to join us, feel free to hop into our group to see more details :3

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