• Lycan Dese Beats Compilation Album Pre-order + Radio Release Information!

    In the past month, we've seen the release of a heap of compilation albums from Ponies At Dawn, A State Of Sugar and more, and this recent deluge of releases is going to be rounded off by another album this Friday - the 21st of July! Lycan Dese Beats are releasing their third album, Beats Me 3 over on bandcamp where it's currently available for pre-order. This album and features names such as Metajoker, Exiark, Hay Tea and UndreamedPanic, as well as heaps more! As usual, there will be a release party over on PonyvilleFM, with more details available after the break!

    'The release party will have DJs playing before and after the premiere on PonyvilleFM as per the image above, with the album livestream starting at 5pm Eastern on Friday 21st July. All 25 songs of the album will be played over 2 hours courtesy of the Lycan Dese Beats radio show. At the conclusion of the livestream, the album will be released to the public at 7pm Eastern. It will be available on a "Pay What You Want" model, where you can get it for FREE if you want, but if you do donate some money, part of that will be going to the "Against Malaria Foundation" charity.

    If you are unsure when the album will start streaming for you, you can convert to your own time zone here (http://bit.ly/2u7mXpL) . Alternatively, you can add the event to your Google Calendar by using this link (http://bit.ly/LDB3cal) and you won't have to change a thing, just add it as is, and it will automatically convert it for you!'
    - Lycan