• San Diego Comic Con 2017 - Hasbro Booth Tour!

    San Diego Comic-Con 2017 is well underway, and with My Little Pony: The Movie *finally* premiering in theatres this year, it's no surprise that The Powers That Be went all out on that particular branding angle at their exhibit hall booth!

    Hit the break to see this year's attractions and upcoming releases!

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    The outer pony corner of the booth has a place for you to stand before Queen Novo's underwater throne, surrounded by the Mane 6 in all their glittery, finny glory. These poners are deceptively big if you go up to them in real life!

    And inside the booth behind a red velvet cordon, stands Songbird Serenade. I saw kids getting pictures with her, too.

    To the right of this (that I didn't think to get pictures of, d'oh) is the Ponification station -- a double-sided vanity where you can get yourself a cutie mark and other bits of pony decoration on your person.

    And from this point on, it's all toys!

    A whole bunch of the cast getting in touch with their pirate sides in conjunction with awesome figurines from the movie:

    Followed by seapony dominion:

    Plushies and backpacks:

    The usual playsets and figurines:

    And, of course, a swarm of nifty Equestria Girls playsets and figurines:

    Special mention goes to this sound-and-touch-responsive Princess Twilight:

    And before I leave you with that, something else I happened to notice:

    Looks like the Seaquestrians might snack on more than just seaweed, huh?

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