• MLP Movie Trailer Hits at Least 2.5+ Million Cumulative Views in Little More Than a Week!

    Looks like it isn't just us building up the hype here on EqD! Over on the Zero Media channel the movie trailer has risen above 1 million views in little more than a week. Lionsgate's channel has it at over 500k, Hasbro's channel at over 800k, our own upload of the trailer at about 45k, and countless smaller others with thousands of views.

    Needless to say but the trailer seems to have garnered a lot of attention! With cumulative views at over 2.5 million and undoubtedly more from smaller channels and other channels I didn't see in my search, it looks like the movie is certainly on a lot of people's minds. Good news for the movie in October!

    Thanks to Mutton Bash for alerting us to this.


    Twitter: Calpain