• Lyra and Bon Bon Day Draws to a Close

    It feels like these days go by quicker and quicker with each passing one, doesn't it? We really hope you enjoyed Lyra and Bon Bon Day here on the site and we'd like to thank all of you that participated, either as submitters or viewers!

    Our next big day is for Twilight Sparkle herself on August 7th! You can see the full list of days here.

    Check after the break for submitted pieces that passed muster but that we couldn't find a place for.



    A Poetic Tribute to Lyra and Bon Bon

    Eyes alight
    The sweetest sight
    Heart's rhythm dancing

    Colours dulled and unenlightened
    Outlook jaded

    Ponyville lyricist
    Melodies on the wind subsist
    Chords, her voice
    Seeking her love's choice

    That timeless saying
    Soulmate waiting
    Breath shared
    Heart's paired

    Pioneering mare
    Destiny sought
    Joy's thought

    Town beneath Canterlot spires
    Fateful meeting transpires
    Courage orchestrated
    Bond created

    Astute insight piercing the  cloud
    Candy drop's scattering shroud
    Light shone upon the bard
    Revealed facade

    Destinies converge
    New life's verge
    Somepony to return to
    Somepony true

    Search's end
    Life to defend
    Dream waking
    Surreal dawning

    Parting, a sorrow
    Reunited on the morrow
    Mind's meeting
    In every life, searching
    Until last sunset's hues.

    Twitter: Calpain