• Hasbro MLP Brand Experience to Appear at HASCON - All Panels and Info Revealed

    Some more news is about HASCON has come out that details what you can look forward to with Hasbro's "Brand Experiences." What is a Brand Experience? Well, it's Hasbro's way of organizing the content offered at HASCON into different categories, so it is easy for the attendee to tailor their convention experience to precisely their liking. Want to spend the weekend with the Transformers? G.I. Joe? The worlds of Star Wars and Marvel? HASCON has made that possible!

    And of course HASCON has done the same for My Little Pony! You can find the full details about that below!

    HASCON Brand Experiences

    HASCON has so many fun events for fans and families – you could spend the whole day immersed with your favorite brands, or sample highlights of everything! For every one of Hasbro’s major brands and partner brands, we have created an unforgettable and immersive lineup of activities and experiences.  Keep scrolling to find the highlights of your and your family’s favorite brands below.

    Best of all, your ticket gives you access to all of this and more (except for the add-on or VIP experiences, which require an additional ticket purchase as noted).


    Welcome, everypony!  Discover the magic of friendship with a behind-the-scenes look at the latest pony adventures in entertainment (can you say NEW MOVIE? Oh yeah!), character meet-and-greets, a ponification experience and much more! Highlights include:
    • Meet and mingle with the Mane 6 and Spike costumed characters
    • Photo-ops with life-size movie ponies and scenes from My Little Pony: The Movie
    • Get ponified like your favorite character at the Ponification Station
    • Explore Equestria and take snaps, selfies, and pony pics
    • Play the most pony-riffic My Little Pony apps and games
    • Get a sneak peek of the latest MLP toys, along with rare treasures from the Hasbro Vault
    • Visit Pinkie Pie’s Sugarcube Corner, an exclusive MLP-themed cafe
    Plus, enjoy these My Little Pony panels and VIP/add-on experiences, including:
    • The Making of My Little Pony: The Movie featuring Meghan McCarthy
    • The Voices of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic
    • First Look at My Little Pony Season 8
    • My Little Pony Designer Q&A
    • My Little Pony Mane Event: Hall of Our FANmily Dinner (add-on or VIP ticket purchase required)
    • My Little Pony: The Movie Sneak Peek (add-on or VIP ticket purchase required)