• Community Soapbox #38 - Spike and Dash Episode, SoarinXDerpy, and Romeo and Juliet!

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    NOTE: The last one is at the bottom below a spoiler break. If you haven't watched "The Perfect Pear", don't scroll to it.

    I think since the majority of the fandom has watched it, it's worth discussing.

    Headlines for the week:

    • The Four Races and The Four Elements
    • When’s The Spike and Rainbow Dash episode?
    • Why Moondancer is a Grade-A Woobie
    • Should Soarin wind up wooing Derpy?
    • "The Perfect Pair" is NOT Romeo and Juliet

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    The Four Races and The Four Elements
    By: Games

    We all know about the Earth.Unicorn.Pegasus dynamic but with addition of Sea ponies (Introduced to FIM in The Under The Sparkling Sea book) the series now has four races that correspond to the classical Elements and by extension, an aspect of one’s being, a Tarot suit, a french suite and a social class.

    • Earth corresponds to Physicality,The Diamond Suite,Merchants and is represented by Coins in the Tarot, Pony type being the Earth Ponies(Duh)
    • Air corresponds to Mentality,The Spades Suite, Nobility and Military and is represented by Swords in The Tarot, Pony type being Pegasi.
    • Fire corresponds to Spirituality,The Clubs Suite,Peasantry and is represented by Wands in the Tarot, Pony type being Unicorns.
    • Water corresponds to Emotions,The Hearts Suite, The Clergy Class and is represented by Cups, The Pony type being Seaponies and/or Mermares.

    I’d love to see an avatar figure in middle of all this, Maybe the next royal pony will be a Sea/Uni/Earth/Pegasus Hybrid.

    When’s The Spike and Rainbow Dash episode?
    By: Frames

    For years now I’ve wondered why Spike and Rainbow Dash haven’t had an episode yet since they have a lot in common like being tricksters, geeks and having a Bully Triad problem(Dash also seemed really interested in Dragons in Dragon Quest.), yet the closest we’ve gotten to their mutual interests being explored is Rainbow joining Spike’s guy’s night, A Flurry of Emotions introduced the “Daring Dragon” as a similar wish fulfillment book series for Spike, so hopefully either that or their shared bully situation will finally lead to Dash and Spike having a dedicated adventure together.

    Why Moondancer is a Grade-A Woobie

    So, I was rewatching Amending Fences, and realized just why Moondander's backstory makes sense. I mean, imagine it from her POV.
    You're sort of shy and reserved, you enjoy your own company, and yet there are a few ponies who like to hang out with you. You all go to the same school and enjoy the same things, but ONE pony in particular is just as interested as you are.
    You decide you wouldn't mind being legitimate friends with these ponies, but especially THAT one, so you throw a party.
    You really, REALLY hope that particular pony shows up, because this is the very first time you've come out of your shell to do something like this...and that pony, the reason you're putting yourself out there like this, doesn't show up.
    Not only does she not show up...BUT, she's left town, without telling you in any way or giving notice. Then, you find out that she's made NEW friends, even though she had no interest in doing so before, and she and her friends are going out and saving the entire nation, using the power of friendship.
    You are Moondancer, and you were left behind.

    Should Soarin wind up wooing Derpy?
    By: Nightmare Muffin

    I have no idea why people ship him with Rainbow, as its made clear that they're good friends who have each others' backs. But I think Soarin with Derpy would be ridiculously adorable. Why? Because Soarin was named after Amy Keating Roger's own son, Soren, who has the unfortunate circumstance of battling with a disability. While the pony Soarin might not have such a challenge, him winding up with Derpy, is the sweetest thing I could see for both their characters, and a nod to the Brony community, that it was a subtle reference that Derpy, in spite of being altered in voice and appearance, is still the same ditzy mare we've come to love, and has the support of Soarin/ Soren as well. and while we have seen RD interact with her, and short on patience, Soarin could be the complete opposite, chill and kind to out fandom mascot mare. Do you guys think these two could be a match made in heaven?


    "The Perfect Pair" is NOT Romeo and Juliet
    By: Friendshipismagic

    I've seen a lot of people comparing Applejack's parents to Romeo and Juliet, and whilst there's clearly some inspiration there, the messages and themes of the stories are vastly different.

    Romeo and Juliet seems to be a simple story about two lovers from different families coming to a bad end due to their families bickering, but this is not the central message of the story. In the play, much of Romeo and Juliet's dialogue is about how wonderful the other person is and how much they love each other. There's very little, if any, actual connection in terms of personality or chemistry. It's even discussed at the start that Romeo may be more interested in the idea of being in love than actual love. Both protagonists are around 15 during the story so it's understandable they would rush into things like this. In fact, their impulsiveness and recklessness is what leads to both of their deaths. This was likely intentional-Shakespere wanted to warn people that apparent 'young love' doesn't necessarily work out, or that it is a great idea.

    'The perfect pair' however has a far less cynical message. It involves two lovers around the age of 15 from feuding families, but that's where the similarities end. Thought the story, the families are very much the ones in the wrong-they are the ones portrayed as impulsive and short sighted, rather than their children. The message here is not that young love is foolish, but that foolishness can just as easily come from focusing on relatively petty material concerns, such as business and money.