• Story: Diamonds Amidst the Stars (Updaye - Holiday Special)

    [Romance][Alternate Universe]

    Author: Novel Idea
    As an ancient threat descends upon the Diamond Wall of Canterlot, an ancient treaty forces the deerkin to come to Equestria’s aid once more. To the Royal Five’s surprise, a single ambassador is sent instead of the army Equestria so desperately needs.
    And yet, this unique magic-wielding deerkin may hold the secret to Canterlot’s salvation… assuming she ever stops flirting with the young Astra Princess Twilight Sparkle. Unofficial Entry for Monochromatic's "Interwoven Colours" RariTwi Contest.

    Diamonds Amidst the Stars
    Diamonds Amidst the Snow (Update - Holiday Special) 

    Additional Tags: Rarity as a deer flirts with Twi. A lot.