• Artist Training Grounds Returns on July 29!

    Can you guys believe that it has been almost a year since last ATG? Like last year, the format is pretty much the same: every day for 30 days from the start of the event artists will be given 24 hours to submit their piece of artwork to our compiler. Even if you aren't able to participate every day you guys are welcome to participate in as many days as you want!

    Check on after the break for all the details on what the ATG is about!

    So What Is The Artist Training Grounds (ATG)?

    Now for the nitty-gritty of the event for those of you joining for the first time and for returning artists as well! The Artist Training Grounds is an event for people in the fandom hoping to take their first stab at drawing colorful equines (and improving skills/just having fun for people who are already in the trade) and then have their artwork shared on the website for others to enjoy and provide feedback! The hope is that by drawing every day it can become a habit that can lead to a lifelong love for not only creating pony art but art in general.

    Each day we will have a prompt, usually starting off very simple and then progressively moving into more complex territory with prompts I hope can be interpreted in multiple ways thus tickling the artistic muse and resulting in a variety pics. These prompts will last for 24 hours in which time you can submit your picture or pictures (if you're feeling really creative with a prompt) to our compiler, though it is usually a soft 24 hours and pics can be accepted for a half hour to an hour after the 'official' closing time.

    Are There Limits On The Media I Can Use?

    In the past we've had ponies submitted on all sorts of media, drawing with all sorts of tools. If you want to draw your ponies completely on a chalkboard with colorful chalk, go for it! If you want to just use lined paper with your mechanical pencil from school, no problem! The point is to get you guys drawing and as art takes many forms it would be unfair of us to limit how you want to express your art.

    As with last year this applies to 3D art too as it is also a form of artwork.

    Neato! When Can I Expect The Event?

    The ATG will take place on July 29th, starting at 12am Blog Time (PST), so get your art supplies ready and get hyped up for a month of pony! We hope to see you then.

    If there are any questions not answered up above, leave them in the comments and I'll be sure to answer them.

    OCs are welcome it doesn't need to be canon ponies. Other species from the MLP universe are welcome too, so feel free to draw dragons, zebras, gryphons, yaks, timberwolves, Breezies, donkeys, Equestria Girls style characters, anthro, ect as long as you feel comfortable drawing them for the day's prompt.

    Also, images must be Safe for work!

    Finally, all skill levels are welcome from those who have never drawn before up to those who have been drawing for several years. All are welcome to participate!

    Twitter: Calpain