• Pony MOBA, Sunrise of Axoria, Enters Closed Beta Testing - New Features, Signup, and Pics!

    The Pony MOBA game we mentioned awhile back is now out of alpha testing thanks to all the help you guys on EqD and the rest of the community have given! Now with the alpha testing over they are moving onto a closed beta test which includes a pretty big update for you all tonight so register for it at the link after the break!

    So our game has made very good progress. We fixed many bugs and have introduced missed features. Also thank you all for tests which took active participation in development. Be sure you'll be rewarded.

    Next big news is closed beta test which will pass in three stages.So you can now going to register form.(If you are the tester from alpha,you don't need again to do it)

    So what has been changed since from Alpha Test?

    -Added Siege Minions.
    -Added 39 items to shop.
    -Added first three Flock types.
    -Added 10 Pony-Knights.
    -Added Neutral Forest.
    -Added Bots.
    -Fully functional Launcher and more.

    Twitter: Calpain