• Sun Sets on Celestia Day

    Now that this longest day is done Celestia can finally get some well deserved rest! That's a wrap everyone, another Celestia Day is complete thanks to all of you. We hope that you all had a pleasant day today and that we will see you again in two weeks for Lyra and Bon Bon Day!

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    [1] Source

    Grayhoof - Celestia by Grayhoof

    [2] Source

    Grayhoof - Hollow Symphony by Grayhoof

    [3] Source

    brambleshadow4 - Princess of the Sun by brambleshadow4

    [4] Source

    Fight for the Day by Ocean Melody

    [5] Source

    Summer Solstice by 3 Pwnys by Sean Sol

    [6] Source

    Ultraviolet [Progressive House] by BlueBrony

    [7] Source

    Celestia Waving Through the Window Parody by PattiB Creations


    2D and 3D Artwork

    [1] Source

    Celestia by RawrNate

    [2] Source

    Celestia v2 by RawrNate

    [3] Source

    Princess Celestia, The bringer of the morning sun. by zOMG-a-DropBear

    [4] Source

    Royale Princess Three by Harikon

    [5] Source

    Your Highness by ExPir

    [6] Source

    MLP Fluffy - Princess Celestia - OLD by VeryOldBrony

    [7] Source

    Celestia - Pose 1 - Stereo by KP-ShadowSquirrel

    [8] Source

    Perilous Princess Pressure Pep-talk by dirtpeanut

    [9] Source

    My little student by SynisterSnuggles

    [10] Source

    Feed The Flames And Set Them Dancing by d0ntst0pme

    [11] Source

    games on by bronyXD

    [12] Source

    Princesses of Harmony by ALMarkAZ

    [13] Source

    Dark Magic Celestia - Wallpaper [SFM] by argodaemon

    [14] Source

    [SFM] Jolly Co-operation by Postal-Code

    [15] Source

    by 2snacks

    [16] Source

    The continuing war of the centuries... by vikingerik78

    [17] Source

    Princess of The Sun by REMcMaximus

    [18] Source

    Chalk Princess Celestia by Malte279

    [19] Source

    Chalk Celestia and Daybreaker by Malte279

    [20] Source

    Reflecting on Summer Sun Eve by Malte279

    [21] Source

    The warming and the scorching sun by Malte279



    "Four Conversations About One Thing" by Gofindnova
    (C&L muse on friends they've lost over the centuries)

    "The Song of Syhlex" by The Descendant
    (epic poetry about Celestia slaying ancient dragons)

    "The Star in Yellow" by Blueshift
    (dark and lovely Lovecraftian tale about the power of a child's emotion and magic)

    "How to Remove a Unicorn Tooth" by Skywriter
    (this whole series is excellent, and perhaps my favorite interpretation of Celestia's character)

    "Don't Let the Princess Drive the Celestial Phaeton!" by Ponydora Prancypants
    (probably the best description of Celestia's beauty and power in flight that I'll ever read)

    "A Wake of Mist and Flame" by heliopause
    (Celestia as lovingly devious chessmaster)

    "Day Break" by Chicago Ted
    (A Princess with a day off)


      Let The Sun Rise
                                                                        A poem by Booksmart
                                                                  Raise  the Dawnstar, Raise the Sun!
                                                          Yesterday has ended and a new day has begun!
                                                    To  the Ponies and all species  in the land of Equestria ,
                                                   They are all children, the children of Princess Celestia
                                                  Like Apollo, Athena , and Eos , the great gods of Greece,
                                            Brings power, beauty and light, but also wisdom ,love and peace.
                               With the help from her sister , niece, and students saving Equestria from its demise.
                                                              When all seems dark, let the sun rise!
                                                An alicorn , an angel , a teacher , and motherly mare.
                  She gives  her top student Twilght Sparkle and her friends guidance , protection and tender Loving care.
                           Her kind heartedness and valor  , like the sun , brightens the Earth and the heavens. 
                                           Wielder of The Elements of Harmony, The sacred Seven .
                                                  Her words of wisdom will help you reach the skies!
                                                             When all seems dark , let the sun rise!
                             She may be regal , but she treats and respects all everypony, one and the same 
                                                         The Sun shines for all, so don't be ashamed! 
                                                      Although an ethereal being, powerful and divine,
                                                     She's  also just like you and me, like every equine.
                                             Look into your  beauteous soul through her beauteous  eyes.
                                                   And remember: when your turns dark, let the sun rise! 

    Audio Books/Comic Dubs

    Princess Celestia and the Laser Pointer by SirNinji
    [Comedy] [Random]

    Let's Just Say... by Obselescence      

    Chocolate is Nuts by Daniel-SG

    A Little Pick-Me-Up by Beavernator

    All audio books read by TheLostNarrator.
    All comic dubs done by Magpiepony.




    Twitter: Calpain