• Knights of the Dinner Table Get Ponified on Issue 244 Parody Cover!

    Well this was a nice surprise to see come into our submit box! Looks like we've got another My Little Pony Parody Cover out there in the wild! If I recall correctly the last time we saw a Pony Parody Cover was for the 7th issue of Marry Me!

    Knights of the Dinner Table is a popular 64 page monthly comic magazine which has been running since 1990. The book features the gaming industry's most popular comic strip, gaming articles, reviews, and special features. The comic retails for $5.99, and can be ordered directly off of Kenzer and Company's website.

    This cover in particular was drawn by Bonnie Svitavsky, who was a finalist in a KODT Cover Contest!

    Honestly, this cover just makes me laugh! And if you happen to enjoy tabletop gaming, consider possibly checking it out.

    Special thanks to shallow15 for the heads up!