• Melodic Dubstep Music: iblank2apples & R3CTIFIER - Phoenix / EPT, LutariFan & TMB - Start Again (Mr. A.M. Remix VIP feat. TheWanderingKit & Chaotic)

    Some super cool stuff here! iblank2apples is excellent at putting together nostalgic delights, and R3CTIFIER's ability to conjure up gorgeous progressions and neat sound design means they're quite the pair when put together. Featuring some heavy melodic chords, clean growls and nice subtle use of little vocal samples help to make this a pretty awesome tune! This track is apart of the upcoming Ponies At Dawn album, Guardians, which you can check out here. The second track is a VIP of Mr AM's remix of Start Again, where he's cleaned up the sound design to be even cooler, and gotten a couple of friends to add on some super neat rap verses that complement TMB's vocals excellently. Check them both out below!