• Nightly Roundup #1416

    Considering that Maud is able to turn a bolder into a pile of rubble Pinkie wasn't so much saving Maud but the eel from Maud's hooves when she wanted out.

    Evening guys, news coming at you!

    Tonight's Stories

    Polygon Posts Article About Them's Fightin' Herds

    Haven't heard about the game in awhile, nice to see an article from a pretty big site promoting it!

    Check out the full story here!

    [SFM] Kim Possible - (First Mission)

    Some Kim Possible, just with ponies this time! Short and sweet.

    Best Friends Until The End of Time - Fandub EspaƱol

    I've seen a fair share of English fandubs, but not so much so in other languages. Pretty neat!

    Fallout Equestria: Project Horizons - Chapter 77 read by VisualPony

    Up for some reading tonight? We've got some more FoE coming your way!

    Midnight Readings: The Apple Seed Shop

    Not up for FoE? Midnight has you covered with a reading of her own!

    A Flurry of Emotions Transcript

    Alan has a new transcript up for you guys, this time of A Flurry of Emotions! Get it down below.


    Article on Unicorn Fossils Uses Trixie and Twilight

    A Cosmo article on 'unicorn' fossils features two very familiar characters! With Trixie up at the top you know she is loving this.

    Check out the full story here!

    Fallout Equestria: E-201- Entry 1 - Apocalypse

    If one FoE chapter wasn't enough how about another one?

    A BronyStudy Thank You!

    "I want to personally thank everyone who participated in the survey and many of you who sent along kind words of support and excellent feedback. We had close to 1000 people finish and will be randomly selecting gift card winners in the next few days! We cannot express our appreciation enough and as soon as this semester comes to a close, we will be analyzing and reporting back with the results in the next month or so. Thank you again and please email us with any questions you may have at bronypsychology@gmail.com"

    -Professor Uponium

    Tonight's Groups Looking For More

    Idaho Bronies Fluttershy Division

    Our group is extremely active, meeting weekly and many facebook messenger chats that wont shut up. Our group currently consists of about 25 people but we're looking to expand because of all the bronies we've encountered around that had no idea of our presence. Here is a link to our Facebook page:


    You can also put this email to associate with this group

    Songwriter Seeking Co-Writer/Lyricist

    I'm a musician and songwriter seeking a co-writer, particularly someone experienced in writing lyrics, who is interested in writing some original MLP songs. My aim is to put together some one-off songs in a range of different styles, from jazz to ballads to Broadway to music hall.

    A co-writer with instrumental knowledge is preferred but not required. While I've primarily handled composition and orchestration (rather than lyrics) for MLP songs in the past, I'm flexible as to how we share musical and lyrical duties or whether we each handle one half of the equation. If you are interested, please send an email to ClassicalEquestria@gmail.com with an example of your work. Serious interested parties only, please! Hope to hear from you soon.


    Call of Equestria Game Needs Help

    I'm developing a game called Call Of Equestria: Pony Warfare.
    I can do the level and multiplayer map design.
    But i have no experience in Programming, Modeling Etc...
    I need some help from some fellow bronies!
    I'm really passionate about this project and i feel it has a lot of potential.
    At The moment i need...
    -A Tester
    -A Programmer
    -A 3D Modeler
    -Voice Cast

    That's all i really need for now.
    Once I get enough people we will start working on the project
    If interested in any of the roles above please contact Batfanhotline22@gmail.com
    Thanks and stay awesome!

    My Little Pony 2k17 Project

    My Little Pony 2k17 Project, or as shorten MLP 2k17 Project is a My Little Rock Band or MLP Rock Band based set-list with brony-made songs (of Rock or Metal for the moment) from 2012 to 2017... or sort of, here you can find some songs from the songs playlist totally charted.

    Get more information here!

    Pink Eyes Teaser from VisualPony

    Visual has another teaser of his Pink Eyes project for you all tonight! The recording stage is now done and all that is left is editing.

    Get more information here!

    Pony-themed Mastodon instance

    Hi there!

    I've started up a Pony-themed Mastodon instance for bronies and any fans of the show or collectibles to talk about their love for MLP (or anything else as long as it's respectful). It's at https://generous.horse and you can see our rules at https://generous.horse/about/more.

    Mastodon is a decentralised, federated social network - it's basically a lot of independent Twitter sites networked together. If one harbours a lot of abusive people, it can be dropped from the network, which allows communities to curate a nice positive environment.

    I really want to grow a friendly community and I would be honoured if you wanted to feature a link on EqD. Even if not, thanks for taking the time to read this!

    Wishes for a wonderful week ahead to you and yours~

    Vet bills - $15 Emergency Commissions for a Horse

    A pony artist is currently taking emergency commissions so that they can help out a horse with their vet bills. Get the info at the link below!

    Get more information here!

    The Lover's Stone Episode 2 - Trailer #1

    After 2 month's of silence from The Lover's Stone crew; we finally have our first trailer for Episode 2!

    So far from what is shown in the trailer we know that Discord is sick with something bad and yet unknown. Celestia is extremely worried but is going to try her best to save Discord from a dark fate. Luna however does not think this is good and does not want her sister to help. Celestia has to journey somewhere to meet a mysterious mare by the name of Gypsy Heart, who according to Zecora has the answer.

    Much to look forward to in the coming episode and hype is already building.

    Tonight's Podcasts and Blogs


    BronyTrioRadio Podcast - Ep 24 "A Flurry of emotions" (SE7 EP3)

    Wizard of Oz (Bronalysis Edition) (Part 1 of 2)

    Help! My Heart is Full of Pony! - Behind the Scenes

    We've got another Heart is Full of Pony! You guys ready for some feel goods?

    Get more information here!

    The Other Sides Of The Fandom - "MLP Animations For Kids" Genre

    The Cafe Cast: A Flurry of Emotions

    Brony Brunch Sunday Podcast (Episode 6)

    Today we talk about:
    -mlp season 7 (Rock Solid Friendship)
    -The Collabratory: PMV Fireflies
    - and more

    The MBS Show Episode 261

    Hey there Bronies and Pegasisters!

    In today’s episode of The MBS Show, we are joined by some old friends. Join us as we talk and discuss about the MLP news of the week and more. It's going to be an awesome episode!!!

    Check it out in the link below!
    - https://goo.gl/9B2ipI

    Please Support us on Patreon
    - http://bit.ly/MBS-Patreon

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    Starswirl the Bearded's Last Will and Testament (An Updated Theory)

    I have another theory blog on Equestria Amino. This one is more of an extensive updated version of a previous blog that I made about Starswirl the Bearded's Last spell in the season 3 finale. This one explains how and why Starswirl could have created that spell that turned Twilight into an Alicorn, along with how this particular act is a pivotal moment in the entire series of MLP FiM.

    Get more information here!

    Pony 411 Episode 177- Rocktor Feelgood

    Time for episode 177! There's a bit in the news this week. A bit. Like... us?! Oh, and other, probably more important news like toys and Canada's rapid airing schedule. Plus a few other things.

    Alca7raz and Nemesis then talk about "Rock Solid Friendship!" It Maud's return. And an appearance from another not-so-welcome character. Oh. Well then. There's also a few songs, a fanfic, and an animation within Fan Content. Tune in! Maybe while flying kites.

    Download: http://pony411.libsyn.com/episode-177-rocktor-feelgood
    YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TRYH3uxaT8k
    Show Notes: http://pony411.libsyn.com/shownotes
    Twitter: https://twitter.com/Pony411

    Starlight Glimmer Has The Alicorn Amulet!? - The MayhemProne Show

    Well, it's been 6 months, but I'm finally back with some great new mlp theories for season 7! To start off the new season, I've discovered some connections that suggests that Starlight Glimmer owns and uses the alicorn amulet! Join me on The MayhemProne Show in order to get to the bottom of this strange mystery!

    Genere: Analysis video, theory video, fan-project theory

    Episode 2 | Teacup, Teacup, Teacup!

    My friends and I just recorded a new episode of our Stable Condition podcast. We give our first impressions of Rock Solid Friendship as well as do a full on review of "All Bottled Up".

    The review is followed by a big discussion about the topic "what separates a pony convention from other conventions?"

    Hope you enjoy!

    The MBS Show Discussion: MLP Season 6 Overall Thoughts

    Hey there bronies and pegasisters.

    On this weeks episode discussion, Norman Sanzo, Silver Quill and Sapphire Heart Song give their overall thoughts on Season 6 of MLP:FiM. Join them and find out what they like and dislike about the season and what they think about the season, it going be an amazing episode!!!

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    Pony Panels: From the Shadows Arc Review (MLP: FIM Comics 51-53)

    So this arc was... interesting to say the least. Here's CodeEquestria's take on it all. Thanks for the support always.
    Twitter: @lyokolion

    MAUD'S NEW HOME - Po Nee Cast, S7EP4 - Rock Solid Friendship

    Tonight's Merchandise

    Rainbow Dash Stickers

    Today In Pony History

    May 4, 2011-2016

    2011 - Eurobeat Brony interview.

    2012 - An old Pre-Readers interview.

    2013 - Lauren Faust interview.

    2014 - 4DE Fluttershy coming.

    2015 - High detail SFM Shining Armor released.

    2016 - Fault in Our Cutie Marks revealed accidentally.

    Twitter: Calpain