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    Fallout: Equestria is a big, expansive and inclusive universe that has spawned a whole plethora of side-stories, the newest and freshly updated editions of which are listed below.

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    Author: focait
    Description: In a forgotten suburb in a forgotten town rests a small underground shelter that weathered the hellfire and brimstone that greedily swallowed up the lands. In the years since life as Equestria once knew it vanished, it has kept its sole occupant safe from the destruction the great megaspells carved in their wake.

    But nothing lasts forever. This lone survivor is forced by his own folly to leave the home he'd known for so long, and reenter the husk of the world he left behind. Unlike many who ventured into the scorched earth above, however, he had long prepared for the wasteland that would meet him.

    But could anyone truly be ready for the end of the world? Or will the hell that followed with it consume him like it has so many others?
    One New Chapter: "Chapter One: Departure"

    Anomaly [New]

    [Adventure][Alternate Universe][Crossover][Dark][Thriller][Tragedy]
    Author: Crono411
    Description: In the wasteland of Equestria an enormous raiding gang known as Pandora’s Children grows large enough to take over, but when their leader disappeared it throws them into a civil war. A few years later a new leader has emerged. With only a fraction of followers left he plans to accomplish what his predecessor failed to do. The only thing standing in their way is a small group of elite know as Elpis. Amongst them an earth pony named Ardent Fable wondering how it is he managed to get involved.

    Cover Art done by Asimos
    Three New Chapters: 1, 2, 3

    Banished [New]

    Author: Dark_Hoof
    Description: The story tells of a unicorn, named Harvest Chaser, who after a series of unfortunate events gets banished to the outside world out of his Stable -- Stable 65. The events are taking place in the ruins of a city, called Trotfield, which was once an important military checkpoint, yet is now a large ruin, which the Enclave, the Red-Eye's Raiders and the others want to get their hooves on.

    This fanfic is based on the one written by Kkat, called "Fallout: Equestria".
    I suggest you reading the original in order to understand the core elements in the story.
    One New Chapter: 1

    Author: Wendy Crescent
    Description: As the Goddess fell at the hooves of Little Pip, her children scattered to the winds by one final order: “Fly, my children! Save yourselves!” The Unity gone, consumed in a blaze of balefire and dark magic, many later joined Velvet Remedy. Many, but not all. Outside Maripony, the youngest Child of the Goddess meets her fate.
    Two New Chapters: 1, 2

    [Adventure][Alternate Universe][Crossover][Dark][Sad][Sci-Fi]
    Author: El Mutanto
    Description: A long, long time ago in the magical land of Equestria, evil reigned supreme. Greed and prejudice fell upon a fertile soil and the Elements of Harmony weren’t able to save the land once again. Dark ages of balefire and annihilation fell upon the once peaceful world and birthed a world full of magical radiation. It wasn’t the end though. Equestria prevailed. The last bastion
    of pre-war nation is the City of Stalliongrad, the Pearl of South, which never stopped it’s fight. It’s enemies are alien, numerous and new, but War…

    War never changes.
    Three New Chapters: "Intro", "The Wasteland", "The Crimson Tide"

    Dead End [New]

    [Adventure][Alternate Universe][Crossover][Dark]
    Author: TheWanderingZebra
    Description: Equestria's a big place. Big enough for history to forget about the little wars that raged across every mile of the wasteland. Wedged between New Appleloosa and Fillydelphia, Pinewood Valley is always drenched in bandit blood as gangs vie for territory, wealth, and power.

    One bandit, a zebra named Phisa, has just been betrayed for the last time. She was close to the top, only for everything to come crashing down in a heartbeat. On the run and out for revenge, she must assemble her own rag-tag group of outcasts to fight back against her old allies and claim her place as the toughest, most feared bandit in the Pinewood.

    Cover art done by the fantastic icekatze!
    One New Chapter: 1

    E-201 [New]

    [Alternate Universe][Anthro][Dark]
    Author: Striker1959


    When the world ended in Balefire it can’t be said there weren’t those who tried to survive in the aftermath that was wrought. There were survivors from every aspect of society, but few did so much to ensure that there was something left worth something than Captain Steadfast, commanding officer of Naval Airship E-201. In the radioactive fallout he worked to ensure that his crew would survive and mechanisms were in place to aid the descendants of the survivors in the dark years ahead. These are the words of a survivor who did so much to ensure that society would rebuild after he was gone, taken from the logbook that he left behind in his death.

    Written as a supplement to Broken Mirror Part II, E-201 is written as if it's a journal. The In-Universe explanation is simple; each chapter is a entry in Steadfast's log book, discovered by Porter and Meteor Shower while Dusk was still unconscious after the events chronicled in "The North". The entries will tell the story of what he and his crew did in the months following the Last Day, and what inevitably led to E-201 to being abandoned in the Northern Wasteland. This is a different style of writing than what I've done previously, so we'll see how this turns out.

    Want to know some more about the Mirrorverse? Check out the Mirroverse Codex here.
    Three New Chapters: "Entry 1: Arpocalypse", "Entry 2: Survivors", "Entry 3: Fallout"

    Elks, The [New]

    [Adventure][Alternate Universe][Crossover][Dark]
    Author: Zjackel17
    Description: Stalliongrad is a horrible place to live. Raiders, mercenaries, deadly mutant wildlife, hell even the weather hates you. In this city a new group rises to power, spreading fear in their wake. Our ragtag group of heroes must try to escape the city across the Northern Elks to get help. But will they get the help the city so desperately needs, or will they just make everything worse?
    Two New Chapters: 1, 2

    Guardian [New]

    [Adventure][Alternate Universe][Dark][Drama][Sad][Sci-Fi]
    Author: RuinQueenofOblivion
    Description: Silver is a Bounty Hunter that has built a reputation for excellence among the ponies of the Wasteland, having done work around Equestria, but she always gets drawn back to her hometown of Reino. On her most recent visit however, she gets a new job from a mysterious group based out of New Pegasus, to get a package to Fillytown with a considerable cap reward.

    However when she see's that the package is a young Pegasus filly named Clear Sky, she starts to question the motives of her employer. What will this mean for her and what will become of the two of them?

    Cover Made by Illustrativeauthor
    One New Chapter: "Prologue: Reino"

    [Alternate Universe][Crossover][Dark]
    Author: Sprocket Doggingsworth
    Description: Rose Petal, a filly who sees the future in dreams and visions, gets a glimpse of Manehattan during turbulent times. Princess Celestia has resigned, Equestria is on the brink of war, and the whole city erupts upon hearing the news. Rose Petal struggles to see one little filly to safety, and to make sense of a future that's seemingly doomed.
    One New Chapter: "The Coming Storm"

    Lineage [New]

    [Adventure][Alternate Universe][Crossover][Dark][Sci-Fi]
    Author: Cloudchaser1444
    Description: Follow the journey of a nineteen year old unicorn mare named Courier Road as she strives to maintain her courier work and having to deal with gangs and other supernatural entities while discovering what her Lineage means to the world that is The Equestrian Wasteland.

    Taking place 12 years after the original in the Northern Region of Equestria. A dark force threatens not only the slow rebuilding of the once glorious land of Equestria, but the fate of the Equestrian Wasteland may lie within the Lineage of a lone Courier.
    Thirty-four New Chapters: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30, 31, 32, 33, 34

    [Alternate Universe][Crossover][Random]
    Author: ennui
    Description: Littlepip goes to the grocery store.

    Littlepip Goes to the Grocery Store was written in two hours on the night of 10/15/2016 after someone posted the story art picture in the Fallout: Equestria IRC and I couldn't get the idea out of my head. This reuploaded version of the story has been lightly edited.
    One New Chapter: "Littlepip Goes to the Grocery Store"

    Author: TheFictionalWriter
    Description: A tribal stallion with a hatred of the NCR must relive his dreadful past in order to clear his mind, but will his second personality follow through?

    Midnight is a trader, supplying those across the Wastes with food water and ammunition. He's from one of the oldest tribal groups around the area of Vanhoover and rarely makes trips to Las Pegasus. He does indeed have a twisted fate as his attitude can light as fast as a puddle of gasoline. After it's lit he no longer stays friendly and will relentlessly murder those close by. It is this trait the Sniper In Rags is known for and is wanted by the NCR. This stallion may be able to overcome those in Power Armor and survive a bullet or two, but everything has a price. Will he be able to overcome the trails of the Wasteland and a 20,000 cap bounty or will he succumb to the swallowing strength and the vices the Wastes contain?

    Warning this story will contain: Blood, Gore, Substance Abuse, and Mental Disorders.

    Please, by all means, enjoy the story :twilightsmile:
    Two New Chapters: 1, 2

    Author: Megaskullmon
    Description: My name is Smoke Pipe let's just say my mother wasn't a smart mare. I am known to many of old world as a private Detective. During that faithful morning. I was hunting a very old stallion that..I had been chasing for year's. Then the world started to burn he and I have been hunting each other for the past 200 year's. I wish to bring him to justice.

    But a odd Black Orb that looks like a memory orb was given to me..By a mare on the run..from some unsavory ponies. Known as the Black Aces. Welcome to a part of Equestira known as Wymarnic. A calm mountain part of Equestria. I walk the roads of this small part of Equestria that is mostly controlled by gangs..The lavender crew. The Black Aces, The chain boys, and the Black Stripes.

    I learn that this Orb holds the key to why Equestria's army fired on their own in this area of Equestria and why they refused to help us here.
    Two New Chapters: "Prologue", "Chapter one: The lone Road."

    Author: TotallyNot_A_Spy
    Description: The wish to help and protect the suffering wasteland ponies drove Shooting Star, the young Enclave recruit to her demise. Her people (nearly) burnt her Cutie Mark off, and then kicked her out putting a reward on her head. Everything she knew is useless now as she finds herself in a hostile, cruel world. The world under the cloud cover, the Equestrian Wasteland.

    Stubborn on her wish to help, she embarks in a redemption quest to help and protect the ponies who need it, and to end the lives of those who deserve it. The young pegasus must learn to survive, and the meaning of friendship if she wants to stay alive long enough to help those who need it.
    One New Chapter: "01. Falling into the abyss."

    [Adventure][Alternate Universe][Crossover][Dark][Sci-Fi]
    Author: Loyal
    Description: Saddle Arabia may have escaped the war relatively unscathed, but that doesn't mean it was unaffected. Balefire bombs aimed for its largest cities faltered over the weak atmosphere, crashing into the desert between the sovereign state and the rest of the North. Effectively cut off from the Equestrian Wasteland, Saddle Arabia survived as it always had, with much of its culture and government still intact. Still, without the threat of the Equestrian diarchy or Zebrica, a certain brand of lawlessness and chaos took hold. Irradiated sandstorms out of the North have decimated Neighjev, Tel Applebim retains its ancient roots of splintered, tribal warfare, and Damarescus flourishes, if by under-hoofed means and terrible implications.

    And beneath it all rests a technological wonder, the last desperate attempt by a struggling corporation to redeem itself for all the wrong it had done in the name of the war. Stable-Tec forged Stable Alpha underneath the metropolitan Damarescus with one order, and one order only: do better. Without the terrible experiments that plagued the other stables, Alpha prospered, expanding and advancing without the handicap of the Equestrian Wasteland cutting into its progress. Now, as a powerhouse of unheard-of technology, science, and power, Stable Alpha rises into the Saddle Arabian Wasteland on the back of it's leader, with the sole promise that she will do better.

    Saddle Arabia might not deserve 'better.'
    Three New Chapters: "Foreword", "Prologue - Stable Alpha", 1

    [Alternate Universe][Crossover][Dark][Drama][Random]
    Author: ForgottenExistance
    Description: A collection of small stories that have no connection or little connection to one another, simply a place to put them for your perusal. They are of varying quality, and most will be experiments with writing styles and formats.
    One New Chapter: "A Spot of Rust"

    Author: Tomepony
    Description: It has been two hundred and twenty years since the world was destroyed in balefire during the events of The Last Day.

    Following the Day of Sunshine and Rainbows where Littlepip and her friends saved Equestria from chaos and despair, the New Canterlot Republic has been struggling to rebuild Equestria from the ashes of the Great War. From the start the fledgling nation has been beset from all sides by many foes. While Equestria fought to rebuild itself, in the former lands of the Zebra Empire, a new Caesar had taken control and brought the old lands back under his control. Now Caesar seeks to finish what was started all those years ago, setting his sights on Equestria.

    While the NCR deals with threats both internal and external, deep within the earth inside Stable 111, Lieutenant Chrome Alum awakens from his over two century long cryogenic sleep to find a world far different than when he went to sleep. Following an old decayed message from his Prince, Shining Armor, he emerges into a world of chaos that will seek to involve him, whether he wants it or not.
    Two New Chapters: "Introduction", "Prologue"

    [Adventure][Alternate Universe][Crossover][Dark][Drama][Sad]
    Author: RuinQueenofOblivion
    Description: For over two hundred years, everypony in Equestria believed that Scootaloo, the first Dashite, had died from complications from the megaspells. The truth is considerably stranger, and two hundred and ten years after the bombs fell, the truth comes to light when a group of Scavengers come across her in magical stasis.

    Scootaloo has to find her new place in Equestria without her friends and family. But at the same time, her mistakes from the past are coming back to haunt her. What will happen now that she's back in Equestria? What secrets still lie in the depths of the world?

    This fanfic is based on the universe of Fallout: Equestria by KKat, but with one change of course.

    Cover made by Illustrativeauthor
    Two New Chapters: "Prologue: At the End", 1

    Syndicate [New]

    Author: GarytheGriffon
    Description: Silver Heart lived a pretty peaceful life in Stable 41. Besides giving the occasional shot to stubborn fillies and hoofing out cough medicine she didn't do much in Medical. Everything was good, even if it was a little boring.

    Woe, for it was not to last...

    When a mysterious group of ponies attack Silver Heart's Stable and massacre the inhabitants, Silver Heart is left for dead.
    When she awakes alone in the ruins of her home she vows to find the ponies responsible and find out why her home was destroyed.
    Five New Chapters: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

    Author: IndigoMoon
    Description: Beacon never asked for any of this. Her neighbors slaughtered, their leader hiding away, and something slowly killing everyone else, she decides to leave the Crystal Empire. Follow her as she and her friends: Vex, a Changeling gone astray, and Ralph, a Thestral/Canterlot Ghoul who is tired of all the suffering and misery he was watch from afar for 2000 years. This is their story, the story of the Wasteland Outcasts
    Three New Chapters: "Prologue - A Hint Of Lemony Snicket", "Escaping the Crystal Empire", "Vex"

    Author: SonnyStar
    Description: To avoid persecution and a fate worse than death, Sparks, a repair pony from Stable 63 is forced to flee into the Baltimare Wasteland. There he is faced with the realities of war-torn Equestria and where he fits its the grand scheme. With the help of his friends, he comes to find his place in the wastes as a beacon of hope. Along his travels he stumbles onto fragments of a secret that could destroy the world all over again. With his friends by his side, he is off to change the Baltimare Wasteland forever, for better or for worse.
    Friendships can change a pony, sometimes in ways we don't expect and most never ask...but is it always worth it?

    Obvious special thanks to Kkat for giving us a wonderful universe to play in.
    Eight New Chapters: "Introduction", "Prologue", "Reality Lost", "Wasteland Welcome", "First Steps", "Racing Dissension", "The Way Forward", "The Way Forward, Part 2"

    Aqua Lily [New]

    [Adventure][Alternate Universe][Crossover][Romance][Sad][Tragedy]
    Author: LilyAqua
    Description: Perhaps things would have gone smoother had the Ministries done things a bit differently than they had, perhaps things would not have gone so far as to blow each other off the map; But alas we will never know as the war had been over for neigh over 250 years and here I stood a lone filly facing the wasteland for the first time after losing everything I had ever had or wanted.
    This is my story, but its also the story of many brave ponies who faced the dreadful wasteland with me; My name? My name is Aqua Lily...
    One New Chapter: 1

    Author: Arcadunato
    Description: Nevermore rises once more from the grave to search for his Necromancer, hidden away by a private organisation separate from the "Ministries" that ruined the world. The horrors of the land seem reminiscent of some sort of horror movie. After being confused by the ponies as a "Ghoul", he finds that he is no longer the only living undead. Unsure of where to begin the search for Nightshade, he seeks out help from unlikely allies. With nothing other that a page from a docket from the mega-corporation Freelance, Nevermore must relearn what it takes to survive the land.

    After the events of Project horizons and Kkats Fallout Equestria.
    One New Chapter: "Do the dead dream? (prologue)"

    [Alternate Universe][Crossover][Slice of Life]
    Author: Relentless
    Description: A doctor's tale of life in the wastes, living alongside Applejack's Rangers in the aftermath of the events of the Day of Sunshine and Rainbows.

    This was a short story written for a contest held on /foe/ a year and a half ago, set in Kkat's world of Fallout: Equestria. I'm posting it because I feel people might like it, and at the very least, I think it's decent enough to be uploaded.

    Fair warning, it's just as edited as it was back then.
    One New Chapter: "Bonds of Steel"

    Crawlout [New]

    [Adventure][Alternate Universe][Crossover][Sad]
    Author: BurningBright
    Description: The first thing she remembered was the jukebox playing, now she's back after a long sleep. The whole world had changed around her. That wasn't what mattered though, she didn't even know who he was anymore. She only knew one thing she would do whatever it took to get back to him.
    One New Chapter: "Waking"

    [Adventure][Alternate Universe][Crossover][Dark]
    Author: Jetflame
    Description: Who would've thought that I would end up where I am today when I joined the Ministry of Awesome and the Equestrian Airguard working alongside my idol Rainbow Dash....I did not retreat with the other pegasi when the order was handed down by The Pegasi High command My Second in command and wingmare Storm Wing followed our orders to the letter we had a duty to uphold and remained Loyal to Equestria till the end. I am Commander Cloud Striker this is my story of how I ended up 200 years after the Magaspell Holocaust and how we cope with the loss of our once Beautiful Equestria to what it now is a wasteland I must learn to deal with this I still have a duty to uphold protect Equestria sounds simple but it never is War never Changes only the background and battlefield dose.
    Eight New Chapters: "Introduction/Prologue", 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7

    [Adventure][Alternate Universe][Comedy][Crossover][Dark][Tragedy]
    Author: Crimson ichor
    Description: A young, hopeful, and starry-eyed donkey escapes his home of stable 33 and ventures on into the wastes. He goes forth not to find someone, or to retrieve something, but to simply make the wastes a better place for all willing let it. He leaves the only home he has to fix the world's sins, and to help and heal the broken lands! Armed with nothing more than his own hooves, and a dream, he strives to be Equestria's greatest hero.

    Obviously, such a feat is impossible for any average pony. This donkey is just an optimistic fool who can't accept that the old Equestria is long-since dead. That everything he had known of the old world through books and artwork were all blasted away in the pure fury of the megaspells.

    Raiders, mobs, and hostile tribes are only a few of the dangers he'll face; not counting the wildlife, and normal citizens themselves. Even worse yet, rumours run rampant of a mysterious new enemy attempting to rule the wastes, as many have before. Whether these myths hold any weight or not, is still too early to tell...

    The unforgiving lands will tear this moron to shreds, as it has broken countless more before him. But, as any idiot with an unreachable dream, he fights on, determined to make it a reality.
    One New Chapter: "Prologue: Dreams"

    Joker [New]

    Author: DragonPony372
    Description: Living in Stable 18 Cobalt was a young Colt, he was happy and had the only pony who mattered to him at his side. His mother, Siren Song. One day he was subjected to an experimental procedure and his life was changed forever. Nopony looked at him the way again. Even his mother had become distant and cold. Finally, she vanished from the Stable. She was presumed dead until Cobalt received a message from her on his birthday he makes the decision to go out and search for her. During his journey, he discovered a piece of a massive project which had been sealed away since the war, Project: Cogarth. Driven by his curiosity Cobalt will travel all over the wasteland to find the remaining pieces of the project and discover its purpose. Could it be more than he can handle?
    Three New Chapters: 1, 2, 3

    [Alternate Universe][Crossover][Drama][Romance]
    Author: NightmareTRXY32
    Description: There was a war raging and what did her fellow pegasi do? Turned Traitor on her and her friends. The pegasi race sealed up the sky during the end of the war with the Zebra Nation. And after all was said and done, no pony ever heard from Rainbow Dash when the capitol fell. She just disappeared off the face of the planet. No pony know if she was alive or dead. One Unicorn is going to learn that some legends never die. And some secrets are best left forgotten to the annals of time.
    Four New Chapters: 1, 1.2, 1.3, 1.4

    Lazarus [New]

    [Adventure][Alternate Universe][Comedy][Crossover][Mystery][Sci-Fi]
    Author: ComicSansPony
    Description: Faux Mane has no memory prior to waking up in the collegiate. To make matters worse, he wasn't always a pony. Now he is forced to help a strange pegasus mare track down a piece of fabled wartime tech. What could possibly go wrong?

    Lily White, if that is her real name, is an unassuming and trustworthy pegasus. At least that is what she wants you to think. In reality she is a clever con-pegasus who has conned many-a-pony in the wasteland. But she has now conned the wrong pony. In an effort to save the con-ponies who raised her she must locate Lazarus, a fabled piece of wartime tech said to reverse aging. Tragedy strikes in the Hoof when her employer's robobrain is turned into a pony by killing joke. Back at square one, she must team up with her now pony companion and get back on the trail to her prize.
    One New Chapter: 1

    [Alternate Universe][Crossover][Drama][Slice of Life]
    Author: Heartshine
    Description: In the years following the Battle of the Hoof, the New Lunar Commonwealth grew and tried to thrive. The Followers of the Apocalypse joined them in trying to make the world a better place. Threnody, a young pegasus heartmender, works hard to heal the hearts and minds of ponies who went through the terrible trials of the Battle of the Hoof.

    But she was rather unprepared for being transferred to the small town of Chapel, to work with 'the Patient.' The heart of a pony is a tangled web in even the strongest of souls. And as Threnody may soon learn, the most massive characters are often seared with scars of the heart.

    This story is a deliberate continuation of Fallout Equestria: Project Horizons, with permission and special editing help from Somber himself.
    Three New Chapters: 1, 2, 3

    [Adventure][Alternate Universe][Crossover][Dark]
    Author: Gamma Deekay
    Description: Sanctuary is real. Sanctuary is safe.

    That is the message that has driven one stallion northward. Alone, low on supplies, and clad in nothing more than a hazmat suit to shield him from the magical radiation, the stallion finds himself staring down into the ruins of one of Equestria's great cities. He knows the dangers of the quiet city, but the promise of supplies for his journey is far too great to ignore. This is the story of the few harrowing days spent in the quiet city that could ultimately prove to be end of his long journey. Or maybe, it could be the beginning of a new one...

    This is my first third person style story, so please leave your thoughts in the comments for me, both the good and the bad.
    One New Chapter: "Two Days"

    Scavenger [New]

    Author: Foeanon
    Description: Cylinder Block hates dealing with ponies, but in order to achieve certain things he has to. Being a simple scavenger and a craftpony, he enjoys working with machines more, because they never complain and are generally quiet. He is perfectionist, he likes to work on things to every detail, fixing even the smaller things.

    Living futher away from the trader town in a small cellar which he alone rebuilt for himself only, he enjoys his privacy and the silence.

    The legend says that somewhere under the city is hidden a laboratory, thriving with technology, holding long lost secrets of machinery development. Of course our main hero is trying to find it and use it to build more complex and more useful machines for ponies to use.

    The town is littered by urban legends and stories, unfortunately no one knows where is the border between a story and the real wasteland life.

    His silent and calm life changes when a mare keeps following him, and eventually making a deal to trade off her information she gathered about this legend, for his company.
    Two New Chapters: 1, 2

    Shadows [New]

    [Adventure][Alternate Universe][Crossover][Romance][Sad]
    Author: DerpiusHoovicus2
    Description: A silent mare who generally sticks to the shadows, makes a mistake and is captured. The wasteland awaits. Will it eat her up? or will she bend the shadows to her will? This mare who was a nobody, will she play a role in the safety of the wasteland or will she crack and shatter under the fires of the hell known as the wastes?
    Three New Chapters: "Prologue", "Calm Before the Storm", "Boredom"

    [Adventure][Alternate Universe][Dark][Romance]
    Author: BurningBright
    Description: Not every Stable was made to hold ponies. From the depths of Stable 204 between Whitetail woods and Vanhoover. Whiteberry , and her best friend Fern are sent out into the wastes.
    Three New Chapters: 1, 2, 3

    [Alternate Universe][Dark][Sci-Fi]
    Author: Tower of 0
    Description: It was all supposed to be a simple scouting mission from the Stable. A mission easier said than done: Find a source of food for the Stable. The raiders of a legendary place known as Sparkle-World have a different mindset for the poor Stable Mare they captured: Slavery.
    All is not lost however, a mysterious figure has been watching form a distance.

    [This is the first time I'm delving into a project that has a Fallout Equestria setting. I feel excited about his project and will do my best and work rather diligently to deliver something sound and accurate, while adding my own... spice... i believe. Thank you for reading at your leisure and constructive comments will be much, much appreciated.]
    Three New Chapters: 1, 2, 3

    Author: kitestring
    Description: Storm Flower is a pony of royalty in her small corner of the wasteland. The only daughter of the leaders of her small village, she's forced to be a example for those that are under her. She is a princess in not only her parents eyes, but also everypony following under them as well. Walking in on a childhood acquaintance assaulting a young filly, she snaps, committing a sin almost as heinous as the buck. As a high-standing member of their twisted society, she is made an example of in a way she never dreamed of. Exiled from her home, she is forced to fend for herself and the filly she saved on their quest to find the filly's mother. Will she be able to set her selfishness aside and help the filly, or will she give up, leaving her to her own fate in the brutal wastes?
    One New Chapter: "1) Fall of the Princess"

    [Adventure][Alternate Universe][Crossover][Dark][Mystery]
    Author: Outlaw the Changeling
    Description: Equestria has been torn apart by war; torn apart by greed. By selfishness. By Jealousy. The wastelands are corrupted with Raiders, Mercenaries, and Outlaws that continue to do damage. But when a changeling, suffering from amnesia, wakes up in Stable 7 with no memories of his past, or of who he is. Hope has been found. Not only for the wastelands, or the filly he's helping, but for Equestria as a whole.

    Loved Kkat's Fallout: Equestria as well as ALL the fallout games so I've decided to make one myself.

    This will also be a choice driven story. At the end of every chapter, there would be three choices ranging from Good (+good karma -bad karma), Neutral (-good karma and -bad karma), and Evil (-good karma, +bad karma). The choices made will influence the Lone Changeling's behavior as well as the ones around him and the decisions made will affect the story.
    One New Chapter: "Chapter One: Stable 7"

    [Adventure][Alternate Universe][Crossover][Dark][Sci-Fi][Tragedy]
    Author: ExpertBridge
    Description: Friston, also known as the Mysterious Mustang, happens to wake up from a blast near the hoof with massive radiation and everation that should have killed him as he was unconscious for many years. Now a ghoul from his 'dreaming' he must begin his journey into the wasteland and figure out what it is that is to be and what he can do to prevent more catastrophic events to occur with what little he has available to him. With everything gone, he has to put together pieces he's seen from his dream of waking up into the wasteland while brushing up on his knowledge of the harsh realities of the world he once knew.
    One New Chapter: "The Little Gems We Forgot"

    Author: FuzzyVeeVee
    Description: The tale of the great war and its aftermath stretched across generations.

    Be it from the harsh wartime era before the balefire struck, or from the two hundred years of wasteland that followed, there are many tales to be told. From the first shot of the war all the way to the activation of the Gardens of Equestria, countless stories played out. Some were of mighty heroes saving the world, others were personal tales of struggle, never known to any but those who experienced them.

    All can be told here, as we delve a little deeper into the world of Fallout: Equestria and track its history through the eyes of those who saw both Equestria's fall and those who saw its gradual rise to escape the 200 year long nightmare.
    Story 1 - "For Want Of A Purpose" - Living in Tenpony is generally considered a paradise, especially if one has the wealth and influence of a family like Flintlock's. He wants for nothing; and yet despite this has nothing he wants. Something keeps him feeling unsettled and disconnected from the social circles at play within this sanctuary. At his wits end, he finds himself wondering just how to find a purpose, and in doing so a life worth living.
    One New Chapter: "For Want Of A Purpose"

    [2nd Person][Adventure][Crossover][Dark][Sci-Fi]
    Author: ThePrizeKeeper
    Description: "Before Littlepip left Stable 2, a mare named Red Mist is out scavenging is the Equestrian Wasteland for food, weapons, and any sell-able goods, when she stumbles on an old, rotten, wooden shack. It's crudely built, but surprisingly stable, given how long it's stayed up.
    "Red Mist walks inside, as any scavenger would do, only to find it empty, save for a pony's skeleton and a locked chest. Inside the chest, she finds one of the most valuable items in the Equestrian Wasteland. No, it wasn't the almost mint condition Pip-Buck, which is a rare find on its own. It was the information the Pip-Buck held within: The truth about The War."

    This story is inspired by Fallout Equestria, taking place both during the war, and after, but before Little Pip. This story is NOT cannon to Fallout Equestria, but is my own take on what happened before Little Pip left Stable 2. Fallout Equestria, and the Fallout Equestria timeline belongs, in full, to Kkat: The Original Author of Fallout Equestria.
    Three New Chapters: "Introduction", "Chapter 1", "Chapter 2"

    Author: Astraeus Stonefeather
    Description: The Wasteland is hell. You can go up and talk to the youngest pony or the most grizzled ghoul and you'll get the same story. What most can't tell you is how gruesome the war itself was. That's where ponies come and ask me. If there's one thing the wasteland has taught me it's this: "Survive"
    Three New Chapters: "Chapter I "The War"", "Chapter II "The Wasteland"", "Chapter III: "Three Years Later" (Unfinished Chapter)"

    Author: RoccoRoccs
    Description: Wildest Dreams is the story of Joey, a young pegasus pony who, with the help of his friend Caliber, is in search of a zebra mare from his past. Through various circumstances that lead them on a journey across the wasteland, the two become entangled in various happenings in the war-torn equestrian landscape. With a host of ironic deaths, impromptu problem solving skills and the obligatory random grenade, both Joey and Caliber, make use of their hard won knowledge to overcome the obstacles that lie before them.
    Six New Chapters: "Prologue", 1.1, 1.2, 2, 3, 4

    [Adventure][Alternate Universe][Crossover][Dark][Horror][Sci-Fi]
    Author: Scarlatina_Max
    Description: Three years after Littlepip takes control of the SPP hub in Neighvarro, Moonshine, a batpony with amnesia uncovers a long forgotten secret within the borders of The Frozen North.
    One New Chapter: "Once Upon a Time"

    [Dark][Comedy][Crossover][Adventure][Alternate Universe]
    Author: Iridescence T Wind
    Description: Escaped from her stable. Aria Web, AKA Experiment 1993-13, must brave the Equestrian Wastelands in order to survive away from her previous life. But what awaits her in the Wastes when Almost everything is trying to get you killed? Well, she Guess's being a Changeling has its own rewards as well.

    Based on Fallout:Equestria. The untold story of the western side of the wasteland. Where mysterious dangers such as Aqua Lights, The Secrets of The Hole and other things await. Will a lonely Changeling mare survive? or Will the wasteland claim her life before it's due? At least we have good radio.
    One New Chapter: 51

    [Crossover][Adventure][Alternate Universe]
    Author: averagewriter

    We need to learn our mistakes from the past,
    but sometimes...we don't.
    We repeat this mistake once more in the future...
    And the same thing happens all over again,
    Just Like History...

    200 years later...after the great war between the ponies and zebras. 200 years later after the great nation of Equestria has fallen under the effects of the Megaspells. 200 years later after the doors closed in each surviving Stable...
    A stallion awakes to find himself immediately under the threats of the wasteland. Unprepared, confused, and oblivious of what happened 200 years ago, he travels around the wastes for some answers. Because of his unprepared state, he was easy prey to those who lived by the rules of the wasteland. But luck was on his side...
    Before he can become one of the many rotting corpses found around the place, he managed to meet a mare who may be tough on the outside but her heart follows her own set of rules. This was just the start of a new beginning of this stallion, and not so soon, he unintentionally forms a small group. With the help of his some of his accidental groupmates, he slowly learns what it means to live in the wastes, and the pressure of not bowing down to the cruel rules of the wasteland.
    But something unexpected happens in his journeys, and now he has to find out what really happened 200 years ago, why is he still here, and who he truly is. Can he answer his questions before an evil being that laid dormant inside him awakens and takes control?
    Two New Chapters: 16.5, 17

    [Adventure][Alternate Universe][Dark]
    Author: TheWastlendWanderer
    Description: Robronco has made many models of the P.A.B.'s (Personal Automated Butler) since the war began. They serve their masters without question, without feelings, and without thought.

    So why is Garcon different? He thinks like a pony, acts like a pony, talks like a pony....he even looks like a pony. His programming tells him he's to serve his masters....but other times he thinks about himself, and the world around him. But what makes him different is also what makes him loved; especially by his family. They love him so much that they see him as a member of the family; which he is very happy with.

    Garcon doesn't think that he'll do anything over than serve his masters for the rest of their lives.

    Until one day...the day when one story ended and another began. The day when Megaspells rained from the sky, and ponies ran for the safety of the Stables.

    Now, Garcon finds himself awoken after 180 years of being offline. But with the world he once knew now gone, Garcon finds himself with a new directive. With knowledge that his family is still alive, he begins a journey to search the wasteland and find them.

    But there are many dangerous ponies in the wasteland....and one has now set his eyes on Garcon.
    One New Chapter: 4

    After Burn [Updated]

    Author: NastyPastyPants
    Description: Dr. Dip is a well known, strict, serious yet intellectual doctor and autopsy specialist in Stable 63. He takes on every day tasks on keeping his patients on top form each and every day. The only problem is that things have been different lately and Dip cannot put his hoof on exactly what.
    In this horrific tale of lies and deception cast in a bloody landscape, Dr. Dip is paired with an insane and fire loving maniac as they find out what their "trusted" Stable is actually hiding from them deep within the Stable walls.
    Curiosity kills.
    One New Chapter: "Chapter 3"

    Allegiances [Updated]

    Author: Fair Play
    Description: Family? Friends? Country? Fortunately, many of us have never had to choose between them.

    Dust Cloud, AKA Private Updraft, is an average soldier with a middling job in the Enclave. He is selected for special service observing life in the Wasteland for possible colonization or cooperation by the Enclave. He clandestinely moves down to the Wasteland to complete his mission.

    Soon, surprising events force him to question where his loyalties lie… and the loyalties of all those he knows… and is forced to choose between them. The lives of ponies lie in the balance. What will he choose? And will it be the right choice?
    Two New Chapters: 16, 17

    Author: Cassiope_Tetragona
    Description: It has been over two centuries since the Great War which reaped Equestria of it's life completely, yet, tucked away in Stable 103 is Herbal N. Shots, or Herby for short.
    Being a peculiar Stable, ponies who are unable to pay an enforced rent are given the boot out the Stable door.

    Unable to afford this rent, Herbal is kicked out with the ponies, who promptly and swiftly abandon her. The only other pony who is willing to stay with her is Tip Tap, a deaf janitor who was also kicked out. The two of them face the harsh and crushing reality of the merciless wasteland, and Herbal is pulled into a lot more dangerous situations along the way as the two of them get to know each other more and explore the wasteland.
    One New Chapter: 3

    Author: jony555jo
    Description: Lucky Atom es un joven unicornio que nació y creció dentro del Establo 25, el vivió una vida en constante acoso por parte de la pandilla de bravucones del establo, pero esto no impidió ser un joven responsable y llevar con eficiencia su trabajo como poni de mantenimiento del reactor de balefire, su vida cambiara gracias a un incidente que pondrá en peligro al establo.
    One New Chapter: 25

    Beginning Anew [Updated]

    [Romance][Dark][Crossover][Adventure][Alternate Universe]
    Author: The NASCAR Grand Martial
    Description: Life in Stable 18 is, well, boring. Doing the same damn job day in and day out gets boring. Following the story of young Velvet Melody and her best friend since birth Purple Star, as their sent out into Wasteland by the Overmare on a month long exploritory mission. Unknown to the two mares, the journey won't be as easy as they thought.
    Two New Chapters: 2, 3

    Black And White [Updated]

    [Dark][Adventure][Alternate Universe]
    Author: Philweasel
    Description: Seventeen years have passed since the day of Sunshine and Rainbows, and the New Canterlot Republic is stronger than ever. But with success comes greed and ambition, the various factions within the Republic jostling for the right to decide the future of this new civilization. Now their ambitions drive them to gain control of one of the most ambitious projects yet faced by the NCR, a project two hundred years in the making... peace with the Zebra Empire.
    Two New Chapters: 4.16, 5

    Black Cat [Updated]

    [Adventure][Alternate Universe][Comedy][Crossover][Dark][Sci-Fi]
    Author: Rixizu
    Description: Break Point is a simple earth pony that wants a simple, easy, and safe, not dangerous in anyway whatsoever, life. Unfortunately, this is shattered when she accidentally causes the death of the son of Cosa Nostra, a powerful and dangerous crime lord that rules her town with an iron hoof. Now she must find a way to survive in the Equestrian Wasteland, a place that tears weak ponies like her to shreds. Little did she know that she would become the powerful and feared figure known as the Black Cat.
    Two New Chapters: 12, 13

    Black Sky [Updated]

    [Comedy][Adventure][Alternate Universe]
    Author: headhunter
    Description: They say war never changes...I'm inclined to believe them...

    After the actions of The Stable Dweller the Equestrian wasteland began the long road to recovering from the destruction set upon it 206 years ago. I left stable 13 looking for excitement in my life but ended up caught in a plot to destroy Equestria all over again with a deadly, yet dormant artifact of a paranoid age long past. I know i left the stable for excitement but i never expected what i got...

    My names Dragonlily...here's my story...
    One New Chapter: 6

    [Adventure][Alternate Universe][Crossover][Dark]
    Author: DraconicXeno
    Description: Dragonfire, a confident mercenary mare hardened by a lifetime living upon the decrepit corpse of a nation long since desolated, takes her life as it comes. Time passes her by easily enough in the dust bowl known as the southwest. She could almost say her life is perfect, so long as the ghost of a past plagued with sorrow, tragedy, and death doesn't catch up with her.

    Yet that life that was so close to perfection and yet so far is turned upside down when Dragonfire accepts one job too many. It starts off simple enough, but little does she know that she is more special than she had realised—so much so that somepony lurking in the shadows has been waiting for her for a very long time, and now they will stop at nothing to fulfill their age old goals.

    Now with only the help of her new ragtag group of friends, Dragonfire must trek across the wasteland in search of an answer that has plagued the minds of ponies since the dawn of civilization. In the end only one thing becomes clear; however, the secret to the origin of ponykind may prove to be its most deadly.
    One New Chapter: "Chapter Two: Just Another Job"

    Chrysalis, The [Updated]

    Author: Phoenix_Dragon
    Description: Equestria was a land of love, once. Even with the growing paranoia of war, that love never really disappeared. To a changeling, it could be a dangerous place, but there were no better feeding grounds in the world.

    Two centuries later, a changeling wakes to find herself alone. The world she remembers is gone, scoured away under the fury of balefire. In its place is a barren wasteland, where ponies fight to cling to life; where love has been trampled underhoof in the name of survival.

    And this lone changeling must head out into that loveless land, seeking a hive that may no longer exist.

    Set in the universe of Fallout: Equestria, by Kkat.
    Four New Chapters: 23, 24, 25, 26

    Commonwealth [Updated]

    [Adventure][Alternate Universe][Comedy][Crossover][Dark][Romance]
    Author: Crazyperson
    Description: This is the story of Fast Times, a pre-war colt who has survived in Stable 111 spending 90% of his time in stasis and the other 10% growing up in the Stable. The story begins at the yearly change of shift when another crew of 100 ponies is woken up to take over running the stable for the next year while the previous group goes back to sleep for another 10 years. Unfortunately when Fast Times wakes up next things will be very different...
    Seventeen New Chapters: 38, 39, 40, 41, 42, 43, 44, 45, 46, 47, 48, 49, 50, 51, 52, 53, 54

    Crystal Hearts [Updated]

    Author: ChurchNW
    Description: After her apotheosis, the Holy Mother provided the Crystal Wasteland with The Book of Cadance. The book’s purpose was to guide the crystal ponies into an era of love and harmony, but left no mention of the other races. While those heathens have it rough, life isn’t easy for the chosen ponies either. As a young crystal pony embarks on a pilgrimage, the trials of the Crystal Wasteland will shed light on two questions. What does it mean to be a family; what is worth having faith in?
    Two New Chapters: "2.5: Catch.22", "2.6: Flowers For Orchestra"

    Author: Megaskullmon
    Description: Remake of The New Moon.
    Follow Tiria and her friend's as they journey through the wasteland of Equestria. She follows a path to find out the truth about the wasteland. Learning along the way she is not the only one..fighting in the waste. Her path leads her to some interesting folks to some strange idea's. While she search's for a crystal that houses a power of a howling moon.

    Takes place during Fallout Equestria by KKat. Any cities characters used from their story belongs to them thank you.
    Eleven New Chapters: 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, "Epilogue"

    Darkness Falls [Updated]

    [Adventure][Alternate Universe][Crossover][Dark]
    Author: Final_Draft
    Description: Long after the balefire bombs fell, the frozen wasteland of Stalliongrad still teems with the sounds of unchanged war, ancient threats lurking in the deep, malicious cults and evils beyond imagining, some with their true purposes lost to time itself. The world is dying, besieged, poisoned and trapped in conflict until the end of time... or until no pony is left.

    One unicorn, a naïve mare with good intentions and unrelenting faith in the Goddesses, steps into the darkness beyond to fulfill her goal and claim security for her home. Can she survive the gauntlet of a land that has been soaked in blood for thousands of years?

    Silver Starlight prays that she will.
    One New Chapter: 10

    Empty Quiver [Updated]

    [Dark][Comedy][Random][Crossover][Adventure][Alternate Universe]
    Author: thefurryrailfan
    Description: A normal night of exploration goes south - quite literally - as two friends since foalhood wind up crash-landing far from their home, left with only their wits, their clothes, and their own company in a strange, new land north of Vanhoover. With a far more populated and dangerous wasteland before them, and their entrance certainly not having gone unnoticed, they race to get back home - though with their mode of transport out of commission, and the weather getting worse by the day, their chances of seeing their fathers again grow slimmer and slimmer.

    Empty Quiver is a sequel to Occupational Hazards - it isn't necessary to read beforehand, but it is highly encouraged!
    Two New Chapters: "Project Cerberus", "Calling the Cavalry"

    Eternal Shadows [Updated]

    [Adventure][Alternate Universe][Crossover][Mystery][Sci-Fi]
    Author: Mystic Moon
    Description: The Northern wastes a place once believed to be completely void of life aside from ghouls in what used to be the Crystal Empire and the frost Mirelurks who live in the frigid waters of the frozen sea. So it might come to a surprise to learn there is a Stable located here, very few knew of it’s existence until the Outcast and the Forgotten Knights made themselves known to the Equestrian wasteland.

    Before that, the Stable laid there buried under the snow with only two living inhabitants both in cryogenic sleep. These two are about to play a major role in the future of the ponies in the Equestrian wastes
    One New Chapter: 4

    Falling Shadows [Updated]

    Author: Drako Moon
    Description: Fallout Equestria: Falling Shadows follows the life of Shadow Star, a pony who's life gets turned upside down when she is forced to runaway from her stable and discovers the horrors of the Equestrian Wasteland. In her travels across the Wasteland searching for the secrets behind her mothers disappearance, she'll meet new friends and discover more about herself as well as the hidden truths behind the war. Prepare to see new locations and more that's never been seen in Fallout Equestria.

    We Also want to give special thanks to Kkat and Somber both for giving us promotion to write this story.
    One New Chapter: 5

    False Guilt [Updated]

    [Adventure][Alternate Universe][Dark]
    Author: Vaatidj
    Description: Seventy-five years ago, Equestria fell from the mega spells, and that's something every pony knew. Trying to live now in this new world to many would be a terrifying experience, one that I didn't know till recently. My name is Dead Hooves, and I've never known anyplace but my home my entire life. I could never leave, being paralyzed since birth, but that didn't stop destiny from playing with me. In recent years, a murderer known as the Bloody Angel has appeared in the wastelands, and with no idea what they look like, I got caught up in the mix.
    Somepony used that to make me look like the murderer, even though I never could be, and turned me into a public enemy. With the only destination in mind being Manehattan, I need to find a way to clear my name, but when the entire Wasteland wants you dead for being a pony I'm not that's a hard thing to do. Why, though, what happened in the past that caused me to be a target?

    War may never change, but Destiny does, and it is as unpredictable as it seems.
    Four New Chapters: 17, 18, 19, 20

    Foreigner [Updated]

    [Dark][Crossover][Adventure][Alternate Universe][Human]
    Author: Detective Chmilewsky
    Description: Life as a human clone has its ups and downs. Revived at each death by the ancient LifeNet systems, there is no fear of demise, no shortage of time and experience... No escape from consequences. Not everyone trusts the collar-wearing clones, of course, but trust has always been in short supply since the Fall.

    In the nine years of his life, the clone named Kiako Lalene has never seen anything beyond the desolate Grand Canyon Province, and is no stranger to wastelands. But when a phenomenon of time and space deposits him in the Equestrian Wasteland, Kiako will need to adjust to more than just the new terrain. Without the Province, LifeNet, or any human contact, Kiako must learn to accept life as a foreigner in a new world... And moreover, accept his newly-gained mortality.

    Notes: I would like to thank my editor and cover artist, Adam Novagen, for his work in pepping me up to finally submit my story and for proofreading everything I have dumped on him. Without him, I would not have become the writer I am now, or will hopefully be in the future.

    I would also like to thank the people of the many Fallout Equestria communities for their time and effort in forming a place for like minded people to meet and share ideas with one another.

    A Fallen Earth x Fallout Equestria crossover.
    One New Chapter: 7

    Forgotten Days [Updated]

    [Alternate Universe][Crossover][Dark][Thriller]
    Author: SFMediaWriter
    Description: The pre-war pony-folk enjoyed a mostly peaceful existence. That all changed, however, when the megaspells struck and the population of Equestria was forced to go underground, or die.
    Shimmer Jubilee, a nurse from Crystal Grove was one of the lucky few who were allocated a space in Stable 45. There she remained for two centuries, frozen in time as the world above went mad. But when raiders attack, she has no choice but to flee the safety of the Stable.
    Join a new cast of characters as they travel the Equestrian Wasteland and search for a better tomorrow!
    Four New Chapters: 8, 9, 10, 11

    Frozen Skies [Updated]

    [Dark][Crossover][Adventure][Alternate Universe]
    Author: Relentless
    Description: Just over two centuries ago, the climax of the Great War unleashed the terrible potential of pony kind, bringing forth the ruination of all. Balefire scorched the land of Equestria, and in one fiery instant the bones and hopes of a people mixed with ash and radiation of the newly created wasteland. A calmness swept the land.

    Yet it was not to last. In the sky, the shattered remnants of pegasi civilization survived by isolating their cities behind veils of clouds and blinding their people with lies about the surface world. Underground, thousands were spared the ravages of the apocalypse in shelters known as Stables. As the Stables opened and resources began to run short in the skies, ponies set out across the ruined land once again. And war, war followed in their wake.

    It did not take long for stories to abound of an area deep in the northern mountains, unscathed by the holocaust that consumed the world. Yet this land was not without scars of its own, dark secrets buried beneath the snow waiting to be unearthed. Remnants of a bygone age.

    Set in Kkat's wonderful world of Fallout: Equestria.
    Cover art by Pantzar
    One New Chapter: 11

    [Adventure][Alternate Universe][Crossover][Dark]
    Author: Quantum Mechanic
    Description: Once upon a time, in the magical land of Equestria...

    The skies rained green balefire and the lands that were struck were obliterated and a new era began instantly. The era of the Wastelands. Though most of the members of the dominant species were turned to ash when the bombs fell, thousands were saved by the use of Stables hidden all over the once beautiful landscape. There were 101 stables each with their own traits that made them different. Stable 37, a massive stable located in the ravaged outskirts of Detrot Michigan, was one such example. A pegasus stallion named Quantum did not know nor did not need to know about the horrors of the Wasteland outside. He never imagined that he needed to...
    Four New Chapters: 6, 7, 8, 9

    Hidden Legacy [Updated]

    Author: RuinQueenofOblivion
    Description: 10 years after the events of Fallout: Equestria, in the lands surrounding New Pegasus, Stable 112 has been opened to the outside world for almost half a century. Most ponies ignore it though, a few raiders have tried to loot it, but most just vanish.

    Left behind in Stable 112 was Project Legacy, a secret Stable-tec project built to build a new generation of ponies from genetic material. Now, Rain Runner, a survivor of the project must strike out on her own, and find her own place in the Post-Apocalyptic world.
    One New Chapter: 4

    Hivemind [Updated]

    [Romance][Dark][Adventure][Alternate Universe]
    Author: CoffeeRings
    Description: A changeling wanders the badlands of Equestria, scavenging what it can and living from one meal to the next. But when some food becomes something more, life becomes more complicated, and perhaps more meaningful
    One New Chapter: "Belly of the beast"

    Homelands [Updated]

    Author: Somber
    Description: It's been a year since the events of Project Horizons. The Hoof is improving and doing better, and yet Scotch Tape feels increasingly adrift in a world that doesn't seem to know her. That doesn't seem to care. And she's not the only filly feeling the same way. Majina, who lost both her mother and brother, has little in the Hoof to care for her either, living day to day in the zebra refugee camps for the survivors of the horrible battle for the hoof. Both are left poking through the basement of Majina's mother's home in Chapel, where she collected a number of papers.

    It is in those papers that star cursed Starkatteri filly Pythia discovers an ominous letter written by the Caesar on the Day of Doom, his last order: 'Blind the Eye of the World'. Pythia knows the only way to learn what that means is to go there herself. She ropes in Scotch Tape and Majina (Because what are they going to do besides sulk and mope?) and makes arrangements to reach the land of Equestria's enemy. Along the way, the half dragon half pony filly Precious demands to come with them. And you don't say no to anything dragony.

    Together, they'll travel to a far away land that was also terribly savaged by the war, who's pain and suffering have yet to be known. Together, they'll find out what the zebra Caesar set into motion with his final command. And only together will they be able to save the Homelands.

    (Author's note: While helpful to read Horizons, most of the characters and events in Homelands do not require it. There may occasionally be references to Horizons and the original Fallout, but a new reader should be okay.

    Also, if you like my writing, please drop me a bit or two at my Patreon. Really, you can't imagine how much it helps.
    Two New Chapters: 10, 11

    [Dark][Crossover][Adventure][Alternate Universe]
    Author: Sprocket Doggingsworth
    Story Mirror Sites:  Equestria Daily,  deviantART
    Description: A young filly in present day Ponyville is cursed with nightmares of post-apocalyptic Equestria. She finds herself influencing the course of future history in ways that she cannot understand. She must learn to balance her life at home with her life on the other side of the veil, and fight to preserve her own sanity, and her own innocence.

    She discovers that such a task is only possible through the magic of friendship.
    One New Chapter: 26

    Author: Borsuq
    Description: When two centuries ago Stable-Tec had decided upon the social experiment that was to be carried out within Stable Eight, they could not possibly predict it result. Due to them, when the steel door of that Stable had finally opened, the pony who came out of it looked down on the Wasteland not with fear, but with fascination.

    As Angel descended upon Equestrian Wasteland from the paradise of Stable Eight, she knew its potential to be endless.
    One New Chapter: "Chapter Five: The Morality of Angel"

    Influx [Updated]

    [Dark][Crossover][Adventure][Alternate Universe]
    Author: Appletart Longshot
    Description: Equestria gripped by war and growing more desperate by the day required for more radical means to wage war or to disrupt the enemy. The Ministry of Morale wanted to get a spy into the heart of the enemy to either kill the leader or sabotage them enough to cripple them so Equestria could succeed but the spy would have to be perfect and so a back door project was started. They look into creating their own half machine and half biological spies and come up with the perfect blend of steel and flesh.

    Project Infiltrator.

    But what happens when the fruits of this labour wakes up in a world destroyed by war and discovers that its not what it remembers it is? There is one thing that it knows for certain. It wants answers.

    (So sorry for the lame description, if anyone can suggest a better description please let me know. Editor needed too thank you)
    One New Chapter: 13

    [Dark][Crossover][Adventure][Alternate Universe]
    Author: storm128
    Story Mirror Sites:  Google Docs
    Description: What does it mean to be a hero?

    This is a question that young Venture Forth contends with every day. It's a difficult thing to answer, especially when your life is centered around the enslavement and abuse of your own kind.

    Born into a family of slavers, Venture decides to follow his heart and strike back against the cycle of pain and torment he not only bears witness to, but suffers from as well. All of this to realize his dream of becoming a symbol of hope and righteousness in the wasteland. To right the wrongs of his family, and defend the innocent from the forces of tyranny.

    However, what will he do when he's taught that those he seeks to defend may not be as innocent as once thought, that we are all capable of evil?

    In the wasteland, there are no innocents, no villains, and no heroes.

    Only survivors.
    One New Chapter: 3

    Joker's Wild [Updated]

    [Dark][Comedy][Crossover][Adventure][Alternate Universe]
    Author: Shenanigans
    Description: To some, the wasteland is an inhospitable and cruel place with nothing but bloodshed and misfortune awaiting the last remaining survivors in it… But don’t listen to those neigh-sayers, for there is more to find than you could ever imagine. The wasteland is a frontier filled with infinite possibilities. Join Tumbleweed, a swashbuckling tribal merchant of the Gloryroad Company and practitioner of the ‘sweet science’*, and the mysterious, gun slinging Calypto, as they walk the untamable Interprovincial Road 95, known for its independent settlements, on a journey to connect the pieces of a broken civilization 150 years after the great deluge. Watch as they get entangled in the light and shadow of a pre-war experimental project that has the potential to provide the greatest salvation to heal a wounded country, or plunge the world into a nightmare that would devour the last vestiges of hope for the struggling light. The name of that project being, Gardens of Equestria. It’s the end of the world, but things are still kickin’, and it’s happenin’ times for the wasteland. Don’t let the wasteland blues get you down, because cruelty, sadness, and joy are not traits of the wasteland, but rather they are traits of the wastelander. Remember that the only trait of the
    wasteland is ‘wild’.

    (Story is labeled for Gore, due to setting, but I'll try to keep it to a minimum when possible, and humorous and entertaining when it does show up. This is an up-beat story, relatively so...)

    A thank you goes out to Kkat for providing the setting and story of Fallout Equestria. Thanks also goes out to all the companies involved in the Fallout Games (I.E. Black Isle studios, Interplay, Bethesda games, ect).

    *AKA Mare-tial arts, the stallionly art of Ponylism, Zebra Fu, the Rough and Ugly, or Hoofticuffs.
    Two New Chapters: 4.3, 4.4

    Legacies [Updated]

    Author: CopperTop
    Description: War. War never changes. But it does evoke changes in others.
    The stories go, that before the Great War that ravaged the land, ponies knew harmony and friendship. Ponies helped each other, with no thought given towards compensation. It was simply what ponies did for one another.
    In the years after the day the balefire megaspells fell, that...feeling, was lost to ponykind. Destroyed, tainted by the same conflict that had ravaged the very land itself. Charity was a relic, altruism a weakness to be exploited. Our species had survived the destruction of Equestria, but our civilization...that had died.
    From the ashes of the Old World, a new one rose up. A society born of necessity and a ruthless desire to survive. The strong climbing to prosperity over the corpses of those too weak to resist them. In the Equestira that now exists, there are two kinds of ponies: those whom are willing to do whatever it takes to survive, and the dead...

    Long Haul [Updated]

    [Adventure][Alternate Universe][Crossover][Dark]
    Author: Gamma Deekay
    Description: Night Flight never had a plan for his life. However, sometimes you don't get a choice in what part you get to play in the grand scheme of things. An accident in his settlement forces the seventeen year old stallion below the clouds, and into a wasteland full of oddities and dangers he'd always been told had been impossible to exist on the ground. If that wasn't bad enough, some 'lightbringer' went and took away all the clouds, disbanding what was left of the Enclave Government he'd once believed in. In order to survive, he's going to need a lot of courage, strength, and luck to get through the trials he'll face. Oh, and an odd assortment of friends might just help keep him alive along the way to finding a new place he can call home.
    Seven New Chapters: 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28

    Longtalons [Updated]

    [Sad][Dark][Alternate Universe]
    Author: Telgin
    Description: Fillydelphia: a monument in the Equestrian Wasteland standing both as a memory of an age forgotten and a reminder of the darkest depths that pony kind can sink to. As a place of unending sorrow and misery, most sensible ponies stay as far away as they can. Only the foolish or irrationally brave stray near.

    That is, except for the griffons of the Equestrian Wasteland.

    It's no secret that most of the griffons in Equestria put their natural physical advantages to their best use, becoming mercenaries for the highest bidder. Large, physically powerful and with the ability to fly, they make excellent soldiers and guards. When well equipped, there are no better warriors that can be bought.

    The Talons are the best of the best, and when it comes to the security of the largest industrial complex remaining in the world, nothing less would do.

    To the slaves of Fillydelphia they were a terror that kept them in line. To the those who would assault the city, they were an unbreakable defense. To the slavers, they were frightening and aloof hired guns that they avoided.

    But to the Talons themselves? Some were doing the only thing they thought they could could to get by in an unforgiving world...
    One New Chapter: 14

    [Adventure][Alternate Universe][Crossover][Dark][Drama]
    Author: HeroofBergen
    Description: Inside the steel walls of Stable 70, underneath the ruins of the once great city of Salt Lick City, lived a young dragon by the name of Eta. After she receives a strange dream about a large white dragon that seems to both alive and dead. She leaves the Stable in search of it. Her encountering many a friend and many a foe during her journey. Her becoming to learn what truly happened to land that was once known as the Dragon Empire, and how it was destroyed with a single push of a button.

    Welcome to the wasteland of the Lost Empire. It has a habit of changing those that venture into it. Will it change you?
    Two New Chapters: "The First Contact", "A Spiritual Experience"

    [Adventure][Alternate Universe][Comedy][Crossover][Dark]
    Author: hahatimeforponies
    Description: NOTE: Duck and Cover is not required reading for this story.

    Atom Smasher is a special kind of pony. She lies, she cheats, she steals, she stockpiles explosives and relishes their liberal application, and she's one of the good guys. She earned the praise of the locals after becoming the accidental hero of the wastes around her home, but once the day is saved, being the hero is boring. She needs a new adventure.

    One day, a letter arrives, inviting her to join her brother in San Palomino on a search for their missing dad.

    She doesn't remember having a brother.

    It is, however, just what the doctor ordered. Now, if only this desert wasn't so damn hot...

    A more serious look at Atom Smasher from Duck and Cover. Also being written at a less breakneck pace. Original by Kkat, cover art by me! Editing by IsiahJacobs.
    Two New Chapters: "With A Little Help From My Friends", "All Along The Watchtower"

    Mending Hearts [Updated]

    Author: volrathxp
    Description: For as long as they could remember, Starry Night and Lightning Chaser have been regaled with the tales of the Wasteland's most legendary heroes, and of the journey their mother Patch made with the Ministry Mare, Radiant Star. They've listened, and they've dreamed about going off on their own amazing adventure.

    But not like this. One fateful night will change everything, and now Starry, Lightning, and their friends must journey to a place far off in the Wasteland, all to save the one they love the most.

    This story is set in the same universe as Fallout Equestria: Starlight, but you don't really need to have read it to understand this story.

    Support me on Patreon
    One New Chapter: "Chapter Nine: Alone"

    Author: Fuzzy
    Story Mirror Sites:  FIMFiction
    Description: To become a slave is bad. To be born a slave is forever damaging.

    For young Murky, the life of the labourer and servant is all he has ever known, raised without knowledge of freedom or the concept of choice. But when the brutality of his newest masters in Fillydelphia becomes all too much and the heroic escape of a certain little mare takes place before his eyes, Murky finally discovers a life worth fighting for. His own.

    Broken from the indoctrination, Murky sets out to reclaim the freedom that has been denied to him throughout his entire life. Against abusive slavers, a fatal illness wracking his body and the attentions of ponies that often cannot be trusted, Murky sets out to achieve the impossible. To escape Fillydelphia.

    But when your cutie mark is a set of shackles...are you really supposed to be free at all?
    Two New Chapters: 30, "Epilogue"

    Author: Delvius
    Description: Evicted from his stable, Goldwreath is forced into a life full of perils and tragedies the like of which he has not asked for. To make things worse, he has given himself the daring task of ending his people's suffering. Now facing entities of power far beyond anything he can imagine, a tyrannical military organization, and mysterious defense array in the mountains of Roam, he must gather his wits and put his training to use in order to save the city of the sacred Seven Hills. His enemies are tough, and he will be hard pressed just to stay alive, but no matter how hard the path he will do his duty down to his last breath. That is, if he hasn't lost his sanity already.
    Two New Chapters: ""In the morning, it's our supreme leader's turn"", "Chapter XIV - Signs From Above"

    [Adventure][Alternate Universe][Crossover][Dark][Romance]
    Author: Kamen writer Nocturnis
    Description: Deva, a filly driven from her stable after a masacre of her people, sets out for revenge against the raiders that attacked her home. Finding them near a mysterious stable she enters looking for a means to get revenge on the raiders. While inside she learned of the history of Stable 111.1 and the cult that nearly perished within. All but one lone survivor, preserved in cryo freeze until he and his wrath for the loss of his own people are unleashed upon the Equestrian wastland. But with the newest gift born from the love of Luna's loyalist a champion the towers over any steel ranger.

    The Gigantic Urestricted Neural-link Drive Avenging Mega-spell module.

    Code name: NYX.

    A/n: unless k-kat says so himself this is heavily uncannon but will have references to original story and project horizons by Somber that might contain spoilers. Kinda crossover with Gundam iron blooded orphans.

    Collab with: Phatomslayer230

    Edited by: DarkStar709

    Art edited by: Orudios
    One New Chapter: 2

    [Dark][Crossover][Adventure][Alternate Universe]
    Author: Recon777
    Description: The alicorn Nyx Sparkle, formerly Nightmare Moon, must confront her darkest temptations in the delicate balance between protecting the ponies she loves and losing her own identity. Nyx and her friends face a brutal, new threat to Equestria during the Great War against the zebras and uncover the sinister ambition of a powerful adversary that threatens ponies and zebras alike.

    Note: This is a standalone story. It is not necessary to have read either Past Sins or Fallout: Equestria to enjoy this story.
    One New Chapter: 6

    Of Shadows [Updated]

    [Adventure][Alternate Universe][Crossover][Dark][Horror]
    Author: nyxOs
    Description: When Steel Ranger Scribe Quillwright and her team is attacked while on a Stable-delving mission and she is left for dead, the pegasus finds herself alone in the deadliest environment in the world: the Southern Equestrian Wasteland.

    Seven hundred miles from home, she must brave treacherous swamplands, combat radioactive monsters out of the darkest of nightmares, and survive a brewing storm of factions on her journey north. From the ruins of Neigh Orleans, raiders, tribals, and machines are marching towards war.

    For there is movement within the shadows of the Equestrian Institute of Technology; the days to come will not only transform Equestria, but redefine ponykind itself.
    One New Chapter: 3

    [Alternate Universe][Crossover][Dark][Horror]
    Author: Dice Warwick
    Description: After the events on the Blackwater Prism Paint is left looking for food and shelter for the filly Star Charter. This proves to be far more difficult when the only nearby settlement has been left in ruins by a raider band. It be days before she got to the next major settlement, with not guarantee if food and water could be located before getting there. This leaves Prism with only one real choice, follow the raiders, and hope for the best.

    Raiders, Slavers, and the Enclave. The skys may have cleared, but a storm of conflict gatherers, and the pirate filly Star Charter, and her guardian alicorn Prism Paint must travel through it. A direct Sequel to Chumming Waters, told completely through the eyes of Prism Paint, as she seeks to find a peaceful place to live, along with the filly she took with her. But in the wasteland, War, War never changes, but ponies do, through the paths they walk, and the choices they make.
    Eleven New Chapters: 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22

    [Adventure][Alternate Universe][Crossover][Dark]
    Author: Cloudy Sky
    Description: Raiders.
    They've been always there. Everywhere. Killing everyone, even their brothers just for a bowl of soup. Almost everyone says they aren't even ponies, just monsters.

    They're mistaken.
    Cold Blood, our protagonist was born in a raider camp. She was a mare that wanted to sit above all else, but when she least expects it someone surprise her.
    Two New Chapters: 4, 5

    Renegades [Updated]

    Author: RuinQueenofOblivion
    Description: The Ponies of the Wasteland see the Steel Rangers as monsters who will take whatever they want, and for 200 years they where right, until the actions of a Stable Dweller named Littlepip and her allies changed everything.

    But change comes slowly sometimes, and in an organization like the Steel Rangers, schisms and renegades are bound to happen every so often. A year after the initial schism, the Steel Rangers and the Applejack's Rangers are fighting each other in the city of Seaddle with the ponies of the Wasteland in the crossfire.

    And in the middle of it is Nova, a young mare raised in the Rangers, but born in a Stable. And she will shape the future of the Rangers, but will it be for the better?

    Credit for the cover goes to IAmArtsDesire
    One New Chapter: 2

    Secrets [Updated]

    [Adventure][Alternate Universe][Dark][Mystery]
    Author: Olakaan Kendov
    Description: X-One or Arngeir is the only surviving experiment from Ministry of Awesome Project: DeCLaW (Dragon Clone Weapon). Created so Equestria could have their own dragon soldiers. Now awake and without a controller. Arngeir searches for someone or something to make sense of the chaos in his mind. Along the way he meets some interesting ponies and does some even more interesting things.

    Based from Fallout Equestria originally written by Kkat.
    I pieced the cover image together using Google and the image editor on my phone.
    Note: The Prologue is through the eyes of a dead pony, not the character we will be following.
    One New Chapter: "I - Hard Revelations"

    Shooting star [Updated]

    [Adventure][Alternate Universe][Crossover][Dark]
    Description: A little blue bird in its cage is oblivious to the world outside, it knows not of the dangers that lay just beyond, but it's cage door broken wide open, its guardian dead. The little blue bird must fly or fall, follow this little bird as it must learn to survive outside of its cage, alone it would parish and fall into the darkness, but with some help it can learn to fly, luckily it has just that, waiting just outside it's cage is a big black crow, waiting for the little blue bird to take flight. Towards that which took it's oblivious sanctuary, it chooses to follow the crow for the promise of revenge. But can this little bird afford the price of revenge? Or that which comes after?

    This is the story of that little bird, a story of his struggle after he set out on his adventure, after all it was that little blue birds wish to go on an adventure, but that's the thing, sometimes it's better for wishes not to come true. Watch as he learns what it truly means to be free in the frozen waste land of The Crystal Empire, as he unfolds the layers of snow and time that bury this lands secret's, stories of the past and present collide to shape the future of not only him but the very ground he once flew over. As for the black crow, well that you'll just have to find out for yourself. There are destroyers and creators, they are the villains and the hero's, and right now the last thing the waste land needs is a two bit hero that changes nothing after their gone.
    Two New Chapters: 4, 5

    Silver Skies [Updated]

    [Crossover][Adventure][Alternate Universe]
    Author: LuckyBreak
    Description: After waking into a world he no longer knew, Orion must find out what happened to his world and his parents.

    But this world is cruel, Armed with his wits and the worlds worst AI he must battle slavers, raiders and his own raging hormones to find the truth.

    Can a teenager survive the wastelands? Orion intends to find out.
    One New Chapter: "Tears of Blood Teaser"

    Transient [Updated]

    [Adventure][Alternate Universe][Crossover][Dark][Sci-Fi][Thriller]
    Author: SunnyDontLook
    Description: The Continent of Sall'han, half a world away. In Sall'han the skies are blue and clear, and sunlight strikes with unequine intensity. This place was spared the holocaust of the bombs, and it's now a place where civilization is rebuilding, quickly. Sall'han is isolated by an ocean, and within, a sea of sand, a wasteland even before the dark skies. For now, these disparate civilizations are separated by sand. This will not last. When these black spots on a very large map become filled, what will occur? What are the odd transmissions coming from a place unassailable? And what's the deal with the natives with the guns, and the death wish and the cultural identities?
    No one knows.
    In the midst of this time of discovery, a strange pony arrives, a Transient.

    Written by, Sunnydontlook. Edited by Isiah, and Quit Stalling Around. (Don't be afraid to look up this work of fiction on Derpibooru. You might find something personally appealing...)
    Three New Chapters: 4, 6, 7

    Author: thatguyvex
    Description: Longwalk is a colt ignorant of the world outside his tribe's isolated valley. He's never heard a gunshot in his life and wouldn't know a radscorpion from a radgator. And what does 'rad' even mean anyway? But he's about to get a crash course in Wasteland Survival 101 when an unusual discovery leads to a dangerous sojourn into the vast wastes beyond his humble home. Ignorant or not Longwalk is going to have to learn fast if he wants to survive mutated monsters, heartless mercenaries, perilous ancient ruins, overly dramatic villains, long winded plot exposition, politics, and perhaps most dangerous of all, the friends he makes along the way.

    Based on the Fallout Equestria universe created by Kkat and the Wild Arms game series by Media Vision.
    One New Chapter: 30

    [Alternate Universe][Comedy][Crossover][Drama][Slice of Life]
    Author: PrinceUniversa
    Description: Hearth's Warming Eve, a holiday rarely ever celebrated in the Wasteland for numerous reasons. After all the events that changed the livelihood of many of the people living in the Wasteland, the Wasteland entered a state of relief for many of the heroes. Thus, began the first time that this holiday would be celebrated. Join in the heroes, as they take a break they well-deserved enjoying fun events, chatting with one another and possibly making new friendships with the other heroes far and wide.

    Stories featured here: Fallout: Equestria, Project Horizons, Pink Eyes, Murky Number Seven, and Neo Fantasia (My own sidefic to Fo: E). Protagonists in each fic are all here!
    One New Chapter: "The Ninth Day: A Slice of Life"

    Author: ComicSansPony
    Description: My name is Screwloose. I'm a mental patient and resident of Ponyville Hospital mental ward. A construction accident permanently danged my brain. That was at least the case until the megaspells fell. Locked in my padded cell and left to die as Equestria burned to ash in a storm of heat and balefire. The radiation changed me and gave me back my sanity. Here are the audio logs of my adventures after.
    One New Chapter: "Audio Log #015: A Simply Vile Pony"

    Author: Cascadejackal
    Description: The Wasteland Bouquet. Just another bar, in just another town. The same old crowd, even when the faces change. Prospectors, scavengers, anyone that's down and out or just needs to tell their story, get things off their chest. Unicorn, Earth Pony, Pegasus, even Griffon, everyone is welcome. Walk on in, get yourself a drink, and cry your heart out to the pretty mare behind the bar, or maybe the quiet mare with the cold eyes. That's what they're there for, after all.

    Thing is, they have their own story. It may not be heard very often, but here it is. Because every pony has a story, and those stories need to be told.
    One New Chapter: "Hearth Warming, Hive Style"

    [Dark][Crossover][Adventure][Alternate Universe]
    Author: Doctor Ham
    Story Mirror Sites:  Equestria Daily
    Description: What happens if you’re just another salespony in postapocalyptia, a blacksmith by and large focused on running your store day by day? Other ponies can fight and die in the "good fight," but for you, trade caravans come and go, random repair work around town keeps food on the table, and every so often you make enough at once to treat yourself. And in the stillness and privacy of the night, the ghost of a smile graces your muzzle as you work at your forge, making your mark on the Wasteland in small ways.

    But... you've gotten a bit complacent with this safe life in the Bayou. And all at once, that security drops out from under you. The debt of a pony's life rests on your hooves, and all you've got are the skills that let you earn a living fixing a pistol to pay it off.
    One New Chapter: 15

    Wasteland Jewel [Updated]

    Author: RuinQueenofOblivion
    Description: Five years after the events of Fallout: Equestria, Stable 26 is opened to the wasteland and Ruby Starlight steps out into the wastes for a year long adventure to see if she can survive. However she finds herself in the middle of one of the worst wars Equestria has seen in 200 years. Can Ruby survive or will she be swallowed up by the Wasteland?
    One New Chapter: 15

    Wildfire [Updated]

    [Sad][Dark][Crossover][Adventure][Alternate Universe]
    Author: Digital Ink
    Description: Twenty years ago, Stable 33 opened it's door to the wasteland. Due to a plague ravaging half of the population, the Stable had to limit contact to the outside world through limited trade. Ember Blaze, a maintenance pony from Stable 33, finds himself leaving the safety of the Stable in search of his only family left and gets caught up in something bigger than a simple rescue mission.
    Two New Chapters: "Chapter Two - Sparks", "Chapter Three - Wasteland Woes"

    Alicorn Blues [Updated]

    Author: Yoater
    Description: Coming back from a routine job in Baltimare is usually quite boring. I walk into my tent, drop my normal gear off, get two hours of sleep, and wake up to cook for the town. Simple, boring, repetitive, but nice. So when my boss offered me the chance to do something else, I jumped at it without hesitation. Even if it was doing pretty much the same thing I did every day.

    Then morning came. I found myself bound and gagged in the back of a wagon by the same ponies I was helping. They say I’m not who I’m supposed to be, but that’s a minor point. A very minor point. What happens when you’re a being who is empowered by radiation and you’re thrust into something that can’t handle that radiation? What if you’re chock-full of radiation when that happens?

    I think I can see my mane falling out.

    (Set in Kkat's Fallout Equestria universe.)
    One New Chapter: 8

    [Adventure][Alternate Universe][Crossover][Dark]
    Author: CreativeChaos
    Description: 200 years after the rain of balefire, an old secret, long hoped forgotten, is about to be unleashed upon an unsuspecting wasteland. Worse, the only one who can stop it is the one who caused it to be unleashed. Now the fate of the wasteland has fallen into the hooves of a hardened scavenger who would rather sell it for caps.
    One New Chapter: 10

    Aurora [Updated]

    Author: SierraSparx
    Story Mirror Sites:  deviantART
    Description: Sometimes the only reason we can't see the light, is we're too busy staring at our own shadow.
    The balefire destroyed everything, leaving only a poisoned existence in its wake. To the ponies in Stable 33 it was the last they could remember. And now they were trapped.
    Join Sparx, a pre-war soldier as he experiences the world two hundred years after he last set hoof on the surface. Setting out on a journey to save what he can of the old world still trapped in Stable 33. But where does one start such a journey...
    Outside is a good place to start. But outside, all that can be found... is darkness
    "Only After Darkness, Can Come the Dawn."
    One New Chapter: 7

    Benchmark [Updated]

    [Adventure][Alternate Universe][Crossover][Dark][Sci-Fi]
    Author: ArmexFics
    Description: After being forced from their village, Benchmark and Embershine, two unicorn mares, resign themselves to a life on the road. Wandering from place to place, taking what jobs they can to make ends meet.
    This story will be told from the perspective of the mare that it's named after and takes place roughly seven years before the events of Kkat's Fallout: Equestria.
    One New Chapter: 3

    Fat Man [Updated]

    Author: Narlax
    Description: A young brony finds himself in a very inhospitable world that mimics one of his favorite shows. Wandering about, he runs into (quite literally) a camp of unscrupulous individuals, ran by a familiar face. Now, he has to figure out how the world works, and try not to drive himself (and the group of former Raiders) insane.
    Two New Chapters: "Chapter Eight: Sometimes Clowns Cry", "Universal constant 1:There is always a Bob"

    Author: FireOfTheNorth
    Description: When Doc awakens in Stable 85 he has no memories. Soon enough he is thrust into the North Equestrian Wasteland, where danger waits to devour him at every turn. Can he find a path of light through the darkness and stay true to himself, even when he learns the truth of his past?
    Two New Chapters: 7, 8

    Raider's Rise [Updated]

    Author: Mocha Star
    Description: A group of ponies leave the stable, standard story. Here's where it changes, one mare is destined for greatness. A legendary raider will rise to unite and control from the bottom dregs of existence to the top of a tribe... This is her story.
    One New Chapter: "Chapter 3"

    Silence [Updated]

    Author: The Br0nyN34D
    Description: A young earth scientist, Zero, was given the task to retrieve valuable items for studies. He set out with a team of fellow scientists in search of these artifacts. What started as a simple mission fetch quest in New Hampshore has turned for the worst. Zero’s team has vanished and with them his means of communication. Zero now finds himself faced with more than just the hunt he was initially sent on, but now also faces the cruelty and barbaric nature of the Wastelands.
    One New Chapter: 21

    Snippet Story [Updated]

    [Sad][Dark][Crossover][Adventure][Alternate Universe]
    Author: Windrunner
    Description: Set at various points in the Fallout: Equestria universe. Each chapter is intended to be a unique story unto itself. So many references, both ludicrously obscure and blatantly obvious. Even the title. No, not THAT. You will never figure them all out.
    Two New Chapters: "I Have No Muzzle and I Must Whinny", "Ketchup Fountain, or, What Happened To Magnificent"

    Star [Updated]

    [Adventure][Alternate Universe][Crossover][Dark][Sci-Fi]
    Author: Comet Blitz
    Description: Midnight Star was a pegasus general during the war. The day the bombs fell, her world ended, and it nearly took her life with it. With grievous wounds, she found her way to the nearest hospital, but despite the best efforts of the doctors, her wounds were too great. Her last chance was a stasis pod. She was rushed to the nearest stasis pod, where for reasons unknown, she remained for 200 years. Now, she's waking up, and nothing is as she expected.
    One New Chapter: 1

    Steelheart [Updated]

    Author: Cyberdutchman
    Description: Most ponies would say life in Stable 63 has never been that interesting. Wake up, eat, fix the algae tanks and irrigation lines, eat, fix the robots that were supposed to fix the tanks and lines, sleep, repeat.

    Gear Heart would disagree. What more could anypony want? A technician and natural tinkerer, he loves his job of getting hooves deep into malfunctioning machines. Stable 63 was the as close to perfect as you could get. Well, except when his Boss wasn't putting the fear of Nightmare Moon into him, some malfunction is causing a panic, or his best friend is slowly killing him with kindness and sarcasm.

    All that changes when an old companion comes to complain to Gear about something he found. Something that will have dire consequences not just for the Stable but the entire MidWaste as well.
    One New Chapter: 4

    [Dark][Crossover][Adventure][Alternate Universe]
    Author: Salted Pingas
    Description: What would you do for the life of your unborn child?

    Would you violate the law?

    Run from the only life you've ever known to a land sewn with chaos and suffering?

    A land where every other inhabitant wants you dead or enslaved for a couple caps?

    Would you be willing to kill?

    When Healthy Skies—a medical student and nurse in the Enclave—gets pregnant without a birth card, she finds that the answer to these questions is simple...

    Yet, as she comes to find out, many things are easier said than done...
    One New Chapter: "07 - This is the Wasteland"

    Winding Rivers [Updated]

    [Adventure][Alternate Universe][Crossover][Dark]
    Author: Codex_of_Wisdom
    Description: 150 years after the bombs fell, Equestria is a wasteland. In Stable 42, however, things are going well. Designed by Twilight Sparkle, herself, the shelter strives to preserve all knowledge it can. The Stable's teacher, Memory Lane, has been chosen by fate or luck to be an emissary to the top secret Project Infinity. What was Twilight planning, before the bombs fell? A long journey lays ahead of this stallion and his future friends.
    One New Chapter: 4

    Author: DANNYKAT
    Six New Chapters: "Once upon a time...", "Page 1", "Page 2", "Page 3", "Page 4", "Cover"

    Grounded [Updated]

    Author: BruinsBrony216
    Four New Chapters: 79, 80, 81, 82

    Legacies [Updated]

    Author: Lunis1992
    Two New Chapters: "Chapter 1: How did it come to this? - Page 27", "Chapter 1: How did it come to this? - Page 28"

    Author: king-koder
    Two New Chapters: "Episode 2 Page 11", "Episode 2 Page 12"

    Author: MFrolda
    Story Mirror Sites:  
    Two New Chapters: 15, 16

    Author: David-Irastra
    Three New Chapters: 22, 23, 24

    Author: Scorpion Tail
    Story Mirror Sites:  Bandcamp
    Two New Chapters: 1, 2

    Duty [Updated]

    Author: Visualpony Thenarrator
    Description: Desperate times call for desperate measures... or so they say... The war with the Zebras brought out the best in some, and the worst in others... Now that I see this wasteland, I wonder to which side I belong...

    I had always been loyal to Princess Luna, even though I had a record of disobeying orders. It was this quality to think for myself however, that she valued in me. Eventually, I was given command of a Unit that only answered to the Princess, operating outside of the usual chain of command...

    I was proud and scared at the same time, that a being such as the Princess of the night entrusted me with such a task. One night however, it all fell apart, and now only my friend Firestorm and I remain of what was once Equestrias most secret Platoon. Both of us wonder what will happen to us now, where our place in this world is, and if what we did during the war was really the right thing...

    Sometimes I think it is like that stallion on the radio always says: The one truth of the wasteland, is that everypony has something they regret.
    Six New Chapters: 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29

    Heroes [Updated]

    Author: EquestriaNarrator
    Story Mirror Sites:  
    One New Chapter: 36

    Author: Visualpony Thenarrator
    Description: Forced into the life of a security mare, Blackjack is far more interested in eking out what fun she can in the dim halls of Stable 99. All that changes as she becomes enveloped in a plot that not only endangers her stable but the remaining world as well.
    Six New Chapters: 68, 69, 70, 71, 72, 73