• The Path to SEAPonyCon - LIVE on HaHCon!

    A new edition of The Path to SEAPonyCon to be streamed soon for those of you interested in catching it! You can find everything you need after the break!

    The Path to SEAPonyCon goes to HaHCon
    Before we get into detail, we owe you an apology. It has been almost two months without an episode of The Path to SEAPonyCon as the team has been hard at work putting everything together for the convention but hey, we shouldn't be making excuses. We owe you an update and an update you will get!
    Project SEAPonyCon's biggest update is coming up and for the first time, it will be broadcasted exclusively online in conjunction with HaHCon - the online pony convention! We will go live at the first batch of streams starting at 9:00AMEastern Standard time on the 4th of March. refer below for your corresponding time zone:

    This update will have new information on the convention such as updates on vendors, music, panel applications, staff and volunteer applications, merchandise and much much more. Ask your burning questions and we'll give you the answers you are looking for as well.
    For those of you who aren't familiar with Project SEAPonyCon but want to find out more, we invite you to join us too! This stream is for everyone and even if you can't make it to the convention but want to help out or if you are genuinely curious about the convention and the Southeast Asian brony scene, you're welcome! We hope to see you there during this online episode of The Path to SEAPonyCon!
    Feel free to make some popcorn, hook your laptop up to the big screen or even organise a viewing party. After our presentation you're more than welcome to check out the rest of HaHCon at http://HaHCon.com.
    Our stream will be live at http://live.SEAPonyCon.com. If you have any problems with the stream, try to connect straight to our YouTube channel at http://YouTube.SEAPonyCon.com. Follow us on Twitter at @SEAPonyCon and on Facebook at http://fb.com/SEAPonyCon for the latest updates on the stream and where to find it. See you there!

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