• Creepy New Pony Game Hits Steam Greenlight - D'lirium


    Someone is working on a new Doom, Silent Hill, and Quake inspired top down shooter called D'lirium, complete with all the hell spawn slaying, edgy grimdark you'd expect from something based on the games listed above.

    I'll let the game speak for itself though. Head on down below the break for a video, information, and a place you can support it if you like what you see.

    Info from the Greenlight Page:

    It's a classic 2D horror-shooter inspired by games like Doom, Silent Hill, Clock Tower and Quake, with monsters, violence, searching keys and non-linear levels. And ponies.

    All begins just as experiment, when i learning, how to make games. Now it my first big project where i realized my favorite mechanics from my favorite games, and i like it. And i hope, you will like it too!

    A powerful magician unicorn whose mind was enslaved by the darkness, dooms the world to endless torment. You need to find pandemonium, where lies the most terrible evil in the whole world, and stop him.


    Non-linear levels.
    The game contains many references.
    Gamepad support.
    4 different player control schemes.
    The mental state of the main character.
    Random events on the levels.