• Character Descriptions for Each of the Big Names in the My Little Pony Movie

    My Little Pony Movie Art Cast

    Meghan McCarthy gave brief detail on each of the supporting cast new characters we've seen over the last week or so for the My Little Pony Movie. It does a good job of clearing up a lot of the mystery we've been seeing in the comments here and around the internet as more and more about these guys gets revealed, but doesn't reveal too much to spoil the film.

    Head on down below the break for it!

    • Capper - Con Artist Cat, turned hero 
    • Tempest - A Unicorn Who's broken horn speaks to a troubled past
    • Songbird Serenade - The Hottest musical act in Equestria
    • Grubber - Hilarious bumbling side kick to The Storm King
    • The Storm King - Big Bad Villain of the Movie
    • Captain Caelano - Dynamic Leader of the Parrot Pirate Crew
    • Qyeen Novo - Regal Ruler of the Sea Ponies
    • Skystar - Energetic Daughter of Queen Novo

    Also note: Emily, Kristin, Sia, and Taye will be singing in 5 of the movies 7 songs.