• 7 Songs in the My Little Pony Movie and More Art Demonstration!

    7 My Little Pony Movie Songs

    This year's Toy Fair Investor presentation was absolutely loaded with My Little Pony Movie stuff! With how much they plan on pushing it this year, that's not surprising. Yesterdays toy reveals were just the beginning. One big point revealed was the song count, at a whopping seven this time. Considering the addition of SIA, that's not too surprising.

    They also played a trailer, but did not have it available on the stream. Hopefully it will be uploaded to their Youtube page soon, as it happened last year.

    Below the break, we have a bunch of slides directly from the event! 

    Land and Sea Playset releases Friendship Day in July

    My Little Pony Movie Art

    My Little Pony Movie Art Cast

    Hana Zuki short included with MLP movie

    Thanks to Austin for the heads up!