• Tails of Equestria Official MLP RPG - Product Line Preview Revealed!

    Tails of Equestria RPG Tokens, DM Screen, Dice sets, and More!

    The people over at Riverhorse have released another update on the upcoming My Little Pony pen and paper RPG!  The infographic above includes a list of some of the items you can purchase to supplement your journeys into role playing ponyland. A few of these have been noted in text, but we haven't seen images yet, including:

    • Tokens of Friendship - Tiny crystals that play into the friendship system in game. 
    • Dice - Character colored dice, including that totally mane 7th Starlight Glimmer~ 
    • Expansion books - Supplements to the core books including bestiaries and other information
    • Game master screen - With a map of Equestria on the front. 
    • Create Griffon, Dragon, and Other non-pony characters! 

    We've already had large size versions of the Character sheets, along with details on the first adventure, and of course the actual main 152 page book. You can get the full list of posts on it over here, covering pretty much everything. It's looking like the only big drop we need now is the actual release!

    Thanks to Richard for sending it.