• Electronic Music: Kawaii Dash - Flutterbump [Nu Disco] / Lunar Dance - City Streets [Progressive House] / Night Crow & Thrasher - Back To Ourselves [Trance]

    Some awesome electronic music here! First up is a Fluttershy vocal chop-filled nu-disco track from Kawaii Dash, filled with a bunch of whomp-y chords and cool auxiliary sounds that all fit together in a pretty unique way. The second one is a progressive house track from Lunar Dance, back after a bit of a hiatus with a catchy piece that has some guitar in the intro before building up to a strong melodic drop. The last track is a hard trance track from Night Crow and Thrasher, with some cool voice-y leads and classic trance arpeggiations leading into a pretty powerful main section. Make sure to to give them all a listen below the break!