• Ninja Division Bringing Tails of Equestria to North America - New Product Details!

    More news has arrived about the MLP tabletop RPG, Tails of Equestria! First off, for North American fans hoping to pick up the game there is good news as Ninja Division is set to bring the game to our shores next March.

    While that is good news by itself we also have some detailed descriptions on what to expect with the initial release as well as how often we can expect new content:
    My Little Pony:  Tales of Equestria Core Rulebook, a 152-page full color hardcover.
    The Curse of the Statuettes Adventure Story Box Set, a boxed expansion including a 48-page full color adventure book, a gamemaster screen, a 6 polyhedron dice set, and 40 customizable character sheets.
    Tokens of Friendship, 12 gemstones with a collector’s bag. 

    After these initial releases, new My Little Pony:  Tails of Equestria products will be released on a quarterly basis.
    So it looks like we can expect quite a bit out of the initial release and the months to come! The core rulebook sounds nice and detailed at 152 pages which I think some people were wondering about in other posts if I recall correctly. Overall, it looks like a nice start to what I hope is another awesome edition to the world of MLP!

    Thanks to Rational Explanation for sending it in.

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