• Discord and Fluttershy a Family? - New Book Announced: "We Are Family"

    Apparently Discord's REVENGE EYES for Fluttershy's changeling kidnapping had a hidden meaning to it. An upcoming book releasing in April has a very interesting description. It's a short little 32 pager that covers various families in the show, but Discord here seems to be pushing his own little agenda with Flutterbutter.

    Get the description and infos down below!

    Cover added thanks to J ARG - Cal

    My Little Pony: We Are Family

    Pages: 32
    On Sale: April 11, 2017
    Price: $4.99

    Description: Everypony has a different kind of family! Princess Cadance and Shining Armor have new baby Flurry Heart, and Princess Celestia has her sister Luna. Rarity is close with her sister, and Apple Jack's family is HUGE!
    And Discord, of course, has Fluttershy as his family.
    Wait, WHAT?

    No cover yet on this one unfortunately!

    Thanks to Brony250 for the heads up.