• Bonus Music #33


    These two look like they've been listening to something super chill, preferably while their hooves are up with a good book.

    Below the break, get... not much chill music! Lots of energy today. Have fun.

    [1] Source

    Crusader - Timberwolf by _ Crusader _

    Instrumental - Trap

    [2] Source

    Technickel Pony: Sprite by Technickel Music

    Instrumental - Hip Hop/Funk

    [3] Source

    Once Again (Light Assassin Remix) by Light Assassin

    Vocal - Electro House

    [4] Source

    Dew & Luck - A Hearth's Warming Warning by Loudsdale

    Vocal - Rock

    [5] Source

    Liquid Harmony-Love At First Sight by Liquid Harmony

    Instrumental - Soft Rock

    [6] Source

    Hallelujah Parody AshleyH by Ashley H

    Vocal - Pop Parody

    [7] Source

    Blood Suckers (Pony Music) by J25K the EDM Brony

    Instrumental - Trap

    [8] Source

    Hadron Sonata by truebajanic

    Instrumental - Electronic

    [9] Source

    Greyfade - Ice Rink [ASoS Release] by A State of Sugar

    Instrumental - Drum & Bass

    [10] Source

    Carryin' My Water (Unplugged Version) by DoTheDaringDew

    Vocal - Rock