• Coast to Coast Comic Con 2017 Announces MLP: Friendship is Magic #51 Exclusive Cover!

      Saturday, March 4th from 12:00 PM EST – 8:00 PM EST at Participating Comic Shop

    Coast to Coast Comic Con is a Live-Streaming event and the official start of the Comic Convention Season… as of four years ago.

    It takes time to build up a con. Even one not technically in the convention center.

    Anyways, Coast to Coast Comic Con is a Comic Con that takes place inside your local comic book store. The panels are projected into a viewing room over the course of 8 hours as the various comic publishers make their first product announcements of the year! While this is going on, throughout the store comic book artists, writers, and talent are set up to meet and greet the patrons of the store.

    Essentially this is a free comic con taking place throughout the United States at the same time and is designed drive traffic to the comic shops.

    Last year CCCC—then known as Convention Kickoff—introduced a handful of exclusive items to the show. This year those exclusive items have been expanded, and include an Exclusive Cover for My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic #51.

    Diamond Distributors announced this little surprise on their Previews World webpage.

    Currently no other information exists about this cover, except for the fact that it exists. No idea what the cover looks like, who the artist is on the book, and most importantly how many will be allotted per store.

    EQD will keep you apprised as more information comes in.

    Special Thanks to Seahawk270 for the heads up!