• Alt-Right Political MLP Parody Hits Boston Globe

    Oh boy, what is it with ponies and politics this year? I blame 2016, though I blame 2016 for just about everything. Apparently in a recent edition of the Boston Globe a comic poking fun at the alt-right movement has appeared, using ponies as a way to parody the group and recent politics in the US.

    I don't really approve of politics in pony, especially since I like to keep my real life and pony separate, but it is another case of ponies in a major newspaper so here we are.

    Check on after the break for the cartoon. It's a little blurry but you should be able to read it.

    Huge warning: Politics are a sensitive topic nowadays, especially so recently. Just be cautious before checking after the break if you don't want to see any politics or themes that you're sick seeing/upset you and try to keep conversations civil. I know it can be hard considering how passionate people are about it.

    Thanks to Daniel for sending it in.

    Click to see enlargment

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