• Bonus Music #22

    Shimmy is all over here wishing you a happy holidays or something with a bunch of music. Will you accept this gift of songs that didn't quite make spotlight?

    Get bonus music below.

    [1] Source

    Blue leaves (VIP) by PreyMusic Official
    Instrumental - Trap

    [2] Source

    Sky Runner - Stargazer (Hay Tea Remix) by Hay Tea
    Instrumental - Chill Trap

    [3] Source

    The Midnight in Me (Art of Doing Science Remix) by The Art of Doing Science
    Vocal - Melodic Dubstep

    [4] Source

    Viricide Filly - Vanishing Point (House) by ViricideFilly
    Instrumental - Experimental House

    [5] Source

    Intersekt - Hood Horses by IntersektPony
    Instrumental - Trap

    [6] Source

    Henni - Together by Henni
    Instrumental - Progressive House

    [7] Source

    [Dubstep] Tegast - Melody by Tegast Brony
    Instrumental - Dubstep

    [8] Source

    ⌠♪ Music⌡Ponytronic - Transmission by OfficialPonytronic
    Instrumental - Chill

    [9] Source

    Chang31ing - Maniacal (ft. R3ctifier) (end_of_file remix) by end_of_file
    Instrumental - Drum & Bass

    [10] Source

    Totalspark - Dusk by OfficialTotalspark
    Instrumental - Chill/Soundtrack