• Overmare Studios Releases Info on FoE Game Weapon Condition and Repair System

    Progress continues on the Fallout Equestria game as they release a bunch of information on how the weapon condition and repair system will work! While they have a full blog explaining everything in detail they were nice enough to summarize the update for us:

    Much like in Fallout 3/NV system, a weapon's condition will go down whenever used, aka fired. Whenever a weapon's overall condition hits 0%, it will be classified as Broken and cannot be re-equipped until repaired.

    Largest differentiating factor with our system is that instead of just overall weapon condition, weapons will be comprised of multiple parts (i.e. frame, receiver, barrel, etc), each with their own condition (and max condition), and different penalties on low condition (e.g. barrel will reduce accuracy). These penalties start increasing when part is below 75% condition. A part with 0% condition doesn't prevent a weapon from being used, but will give the largest penalties. Weapon's overall condition is simply a sum of its parts' condition.

    In order to repair a weapon, the player can either use another similar weapon, or spare parts (which there will be multiple different variants of), or even a completely different class of weapon with same types of parts, provided they have an appropriate perk. When repairing with another weapon the player will be able to select which all parts to repair, but the used weapon will always be consumed on use. However, this is balanced by the fact that repairing only one part will give much larger condition boost towards that specific part than if repairing all the parts at once.

    Check out the full update here.

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