• Ponies @ Dawn Voyager Pre-order + PVFM Release Party!

    Ponies at Dawn have been hard at work over the last few months, in collaboration with a massive number of fandom musicians, and the product of that effort - the 9th Ponies at Dawn album, Voyager, is being released this Friday (Saturday in some parts of the world) with a special release party on PonyvilleFM! The album is currently available to pre-order on bandcamp (it will swap to a pay what you want (including $0) model on release), and a preview for the album is available here. You can also find the full radio release schedule here. If you want to read the extended press release and find more information about the radio release, make sure to check below the break!

    Ponies at Dawn are proud to announce the release of our 9th album, Voyager, jam packed with an incredible line up of music from a whole host of fandom artists. Our biggest album yet, with 58 tracks, there’s sure to be something for everybody here. Music from big names such as Replacer, UndreamedPanic, 4Everfreebrony and Aurelleah, Ponies at Dawn regulars like EnsionD, ThatMusicBrony and Francis Vace, as well as plenty of other newcomers and veterans alike helps to make this one of the most diverse and awesome experiences the brony music community is capable of putting together. As always, there’s a whole host of genres available to listen to, with EDM, orchestral, metal, rock, and much more!

    To celebrate the release of the album, PonyvilleFM will be hosting a Live Release Party starting at 17:00 UTC / 13:00 EDT this Friday the 7th of October leading up to the album’s live play. Then, at 20:00 UTC / 16:00 EDT, the Ponies at Dawn album - Voyager - will be played LIVE and in FULL, hosted by PonyvilleFM’s very own variety radio show, Lycan Dese Beats.

    Immediately following the album’s release, Voyager will be available from the Ponies at Dawn bandcamp for whatever price you'd like to pay (including $0). However, if you are so excited and just can’t wait, it is available as a pre-order right now starting from just $1. As with last time, all the money made by the album from donations on BandCamp will go towards the artists as thanks for the hard work put in to get on.

    You can check out the album here.
    Also available is a teaser of the album on our SoundCloud here.

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