• Official Confirmation: MLP Season 7 NOT Switching to Netflix Premiere, and Definitely Coming

    Ever since Legend of Everfree was planned as a Netflix debut, rumors have been floating around from just about every corner of the ponynet that season 7 would be following suit. With Discovery Family ratings dipping as more people switch to online, and the tremendous success of Friendship is Magic on the web, it wasn't too far fetched.

    Today, we put those rumors, and in some cases fears, to rest. After a direct query to Hasbro PR, we can officially confirm that Netflix will not be premiering Season 7. While we don't know if Discovery Family will still be the destination for it, this at least lets us know that we won't have to wait an extended period for a massive clump of episodes at once.

    This is also technically our official season 7 confirmation in general, though I don't think many doubted that it was on the way. If you did, you can stop worrying. We are getting more pony. As for what the theme will be and if or how it will tie into the movie, we will find out soon.

    Note: This does not mean that season 7 won't be on Netflix at all, just that pony won't be completely switching over to it for episode releases.

    Hasbro PR Quote:  

    "Apologies for the delay on this! Don’t have an answer on the UK scheduling…however Hasbro can confirm that My Little Pony Friendship is Magic is not switching to Netflix for Season 7. "