• EQD Season 6 Early Release Episode Plan - Expect Daily Posts for the Week!

    We've waited and waited, but the schedule has yet to change. It looks like we really are getting the rest of the season this week instead of spread out through October. It's kind of a big rush of content, so here is the general plan here on EQD:

    • Normal style episode posts nightly at 10:00 PST preparing for the 8:00 AM UK time / 12:00 AM PST release. 
    • Stream links to whoever is streaming it
    • Youtube and Daily Motion links when they come in
    • That day will have spoilers in Drawfriend, so be sure to watch the episode first. It should be everywhere as always. / Spoilers will be posted behind links in drawfriend. If there are a lot, we will just label the entire post spoiler.
    • The episode followup will be done the day after (So tonight's Wednesday episode will have a Thursday followup) 
    • We will still have USA release parties for episodes when those air. 

    Schedule changes have happened in the UK list. I'll include that below as it has some episode insights I know some of you avoid for spoilers sake.

    SPOILER UPDATE: Due to demand, spoilers will be labeled still. We won't post them blatantly on the front page until US release, only after links. Drawfriend images will be behind links unless there are a ton of spoiler images. If that happens, we will simply put the season 6 tag on it and warn people from clicking.

    Turns out "Top Bolt" has cider usage, which is banned on Tinypop (at least that's the rumor). So far it will tentatively be on Monday instead. For now we have:

    • Wednesday - Episode 23 (Where the Apple Lies)
    • Thursday - Episode 25 (To Where and Back Again)
    • Friday - Episode 26 (To Where and Back Again)
    • Monday - Episode 24 (Top Bolt)

    Sweet velvet is best