• Nightly Roundup #1373

    When you're a royal guard you've got to take some time to relax, right? It can't be all standing around!

    Evening guys, ready for the news?

    Tonight's Stories

    You'll Play Your Part in Multiple Languages

    Always nice to see how a song is sung in multiple languages across the globe. Gives you a different perspective doesn't it?

    Call of Pony 4 - Modern Marefare

    Enjoy Call of Duty? How about a ponification?

    Nightmare Nights by The Pony Print Project

    Greetings! I'm contacting you today on behalf of The Pony Print Project, a group dedicated to bring our fan fiction to the readers. The print I'm sending this email for is called Nightmare Nights, and includes a collection of dark and horror-themed stories, perfect for this time of the year.

    I admit that my recommendation comes with some bias; I am one of the authors featured in the print. That said, Equestria Daily featured the story in question on August 5, 2016 (only two months ago!).

    I'm including some links below for additional reference. Hope this ticks your interest!


    The Pony Print Project: http://www.ponyprintproject.org/

    Top 10 Internet Phenomenons That Went Viral

    Looks like pony has made it on a top ten list about internet phenomenons gone viral.

    Check out the full story here!

    Midnight readings Dark and Deep

    Midnight is back with a fic appropriate for Halloween! Find it up above!

    Pony Horror Abridged Episode 1: "Banishment"

    Looks like Halloween stuff is starting to hit the site! Check out the video above for more spooky fun.

    Scootertrix the Abridged Main Theme (2016)

    A fan of Scootertrix? Well, here is their main theme for all those interested!

    Proud to be a Brony pmv (Happy Birthday My Little Pony)

    Proud to be a Brony has gotten a little face lift for this year's anniversary.

    Twilight Sparkle Micro Comic Dub

    Another little dub of the official MLP comics! Get it up above.

    Rainbow Dash MLP Wallet Pulled Out of Matt's Pocket. - Studio C TV Show That Airs on BYUtv

    1st MLP Reference:


    Matt has a cute Rainbow Dash wallet at 0:18 and 3:05 in the episode "ESPN Matt Center, Part 1."

    2nd MLP Reference in another video:

    A Rarity figure pulled out at 0:59.

    Very Commercial Features Rarity

    Pretty neat to see pony in a commercial for a big company like this!

    The Bridge - Prologue (Dramatic Reading) [Godzilla/My Little Pony Crossover]

    A pony project we posted about awhile ago has entered production and has some chapters to share with you all tonight! Check it out!

    Novel For Sale From A Fellow Brony

    A fellow brony has released a new novel and while it doesn't have much pony in it there are some pony references. If you're looking for a new book check out this one at the link below.

    Check out the full story here!

    Tonight's Successful Meetups

    Perth bronies EQG:LOE meetup and cake

    Hi there.

    So, the bronies of Perth, Western Australia had a meet up to watch Equestria Girls: Legend Of Everfree.

    We hung out, had some pizza, watched some hilarious videos and watched the movie. Later on we even enjoyed the new episode on live stream.

    The movie was a very pleasant surprise for me personally, and to the crew. It was awesome! Amazing songs, very cool plot and even a tight teaser at the end.

    We also had this amazing cake done. Very tasty. Also has best ship on the top.

    Tonight's Groups Looking For More

    CinemaQuestria's Weekday Events: Monday October 10th to Thursday October 13th

    More new episodes this week at CinemaQuestria! Join us Monday for a NEW episode of Pokémon XYZ, and new episodes of Star vs. and Star Wars Rebels on Tuesday!

    ~~All times EDT~~

    • 5:00p - *NEW* ~LIVE~ Equine Episode Examination (Where the Apple Lies)
    > MLP is on BACK, and at EEE we're back to discussing the new MLP episodes! Join us every week as some of the CQ staff get together for a live discussion about an MLP episode (or other topics), and you're invited to the roundtable. We'll discuss the various aspects of the episode, and what we liked and didn't like. Everyone is welcome to participate in the discussion in the chat while we talk on stream!
    • 7:37p - Pokémon Advanced Battle (The Relicanth Really Can)
    • 7:59p - *NEW* Pokémon Generations (The Legacy / The Reawakening)
    • 8:07p - *NEW* Pokémon XYZ (Analysis Versus Passion!)
    • 8:30p - CQ Power Playback: Power Rangers - Lightspeed Rescue [only SD]

    • 7:45p - Pokémon Advanced Battle (The Evolutionary War / Training Wrecks)
    • 8:30p - *NEW* Star vs. the Forces of Evil (Hungry Larry / Spider With a Top Hat)
    • 8:52p - *NEW* Star Wars Rebels (The Holocrons of Fate)
    • 9:15p - CQ Power Playback: Power Rangers - Lightspeed Rescue [only SD]

    > Join us all evening as the CQ Crew streams games, shows, and/or movies!

    Anything could happen, so make sure to keep checking back all night (or follow our Twitter @CinemaQuestria) to find out all the awesome stuff going down!

    • 8:00p - CQ Power Playback: Power Rangers - Lightspeed Rescue [only SD]

    Have a great week, and see you on http://www.CinemaQuestria.com!

    Pointless Ponies Update (10-08-2016)


    There are now two weeks remaining for my Pointless Ponies surveys. The game shall be played at Ponyville Ciderfest in Milwaukee on Friday, October 28th at noon in Panel Room 1 (first floor) at the Hyatt Regency Milwaukee. I am looking to get at least 100 respondents for the two surveys below:

    Survey 4A: http://www.surveygizmo.com/s3/2937532/Pointless-Ponies-4A

    Survey 5: http://www.surveygizmo.com/s3/3012295/Pointless-Ponies-5

    The surveys will remain open until 11pm Central time on Saturday, October 22nd (12 hours after the Season Six finale airs in the US). That means all 143 episodes of the show will be in play with these survey questions. You may have another browser window open to look up answers if you wish, but since these are timed surveys, they do not stop the clock.

    Again, the surveys will be open until 11pm Central time on Saturday, October 22nd. The game will be played at Ponyville Ciderfest on Friday, October 28th at noon. It would be much appreciated if you are able to participate in this survey. The more the merrier!

    Thank you,

    Vinyl Scratch Tapes Episode 2 Casting Call

    Hello there ^^

    My team and I are almost done with Episode 1 of the Vinyl Scratch Tapes, and are ready to start on Episode 2, for which a casting call was created. I was hoping you could help us raise awareness of this.

    Get more information here!


    Hello Equestria Daily ponies :D

    We - "Equestria Stories" - are running our 9th contest! The


    Your task is to

    "Draw a picture of your OC (or a CC) as your favourite GAME, CARTOON or ANIME character!"

    It's as simple as it sounds ;3

    ATM there are more than 12 winnable prizes - including 5 MLP plushies. Altogether worth about 400 USD.

    Deadline is Monday, 31st October

    Curious? Check out the following link for more details:

    Get more information here!

    Tonight's Podcasts and Blogs

    The Woes of Magic - MK MLP

    Cafe Cast Ep. 19 - Equestria Girls: Legend of Everfree

    This was the Rift's podcast on the new Equestria Girls movie

    Princess Deadpool Reacts (MLP: FiM S06E23: Where the Apple Lies)

    Even when on vacation, the lovely princess of....whatever he's princess of, decides to grace us with yet another reaction to his all time favorite series! Coming at us from San Francisco to enjoy Fleet Week and the Blue Angels (You know, the REAL Wonderbolts), Princess Deadpool sits down in his hotel room to give us his own insight and thoughts of the newest episode....well at least newest in America.

    The MBS Show Episode 233

    Hey there Bronies and Pegasisters!

    In today’s episode of The MBS Show, we cover the pony news of the week. Join our hosts as they talk about the news!!! It's going to be an amazing episode!!!

    Check it out in the link below!

    Also you can now subscribe to the review show on iTunes and Stitcher Radio.
    - http://bit.ly/mbsreview
    - http://bit.ly/mbssradio

    Pony 411 Episode 160- Web of Lies

    It's time for episode 160! There's not a whole lot of news this week. GalaCon 2017 details, new Funko Mystery Minis... Oh, and season 7 confirmation! Yes, it's happening. That, and more.

    Alca7raz and Nemesis review the Guardians of Harmony Twilight Sparkle, which also gives an idea about the whole line. They also have a brief look at the re-release of "It's a Pony Kind of Christmas." And of course, they talk about "Where the Apple Lies!" A story from the Apple family's past... sans parents. Finally, they wrap it all up with some Fan Content. Tune in!

    Download: http://pony411.libsyn.com/episode-160-web-of-lies
    YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UR755TJZk4U
    Show Notes: http://pony411.libsyn.com/shownotes
    Twitter: https://twitter.com/Pony411

    MLP:FiM - How to Make a Good Non-Pony "OC" featuring Tyandaga

    Tonight's Merchandise

    Today In Pony History

    October 12, 2011-2015

    2011 - Studio B (DHX) Thank You Project.

    2012 - Confirmation of the MLP comic.

    2013 - Vinylicious.

    2014 - The last MLP gag commercial from The HUB.

    2015 - AffinityShy passes away.

    Twitter: Calpain