• 3D Pony Compilation #33

    We haven't had one of these in a while. I'll be diving into even more tomorrow, but we do have enough submissions for a post here!

    Below the break, check out some awesome usage of the SFM/Gmod pony models for various cool looking scenes.

    [1] Source

    Snow Season by RedAceOfSpades

    [2] Source
    Changeling by Shastro

    [4] Source

    Fire Temple by Powdan

    [5] Source

    [Request] Twilight Kong by Powdan

    [8] Source

    Thinking of You by yaasho

    [9] Source

    War Only Grows Colder by EssMan009

    [10] Source

    Hello Senpai! by SelestLight

    [12] Source

    [4K-Timelaspe] Blowing hangers up Video IN DESC- by DerpyHooves216

    [13] Source

    The Final Show by PointyStarz

    [14] Source

    Balloon! by NintenCatherine

    [15] Source

    Cider Problem by PointyStarz

    [16] Source

    Twishy Cuddle by PointyStarz

    [17] Source

    (SFM)Last lesson by NeonDion60

    [18] Source

    A Birthday Poster by CJWong34

    [19] Source

    Our Love's Never End by PointyStarz

    [20] Source

    Fractured by love-mist

    [21] Source

    Princess Of Apple by PointyStarz

    [24] Source

    Rainbow Dash pet. by ChocoKumiko

    [25] Source

    vaporwave horse by frankie-e

    [26] Source

    How many rabbits by SelestLight

    [27] Source

    Backstage Trickery by SourceRabbit

    [28] Source

    [SFM] Hi, I'm Pinkie Pie 4K by OC1024

    [29] Source

    Chills by Ashura924

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