• IDW NYCC Panel Reveals Covers for the 50th issue of MLP:FiM

    Well. This was a big surprise from the IDW Panel at NYCC! This is The Illustrious Q reporting to you live from the IDW Publishing: The Revolution and Beyond Panel!

    (Writing this on my phone, forgive typos).

    During the panel presentation, MLP Comic Editor Bobby Curnow just revealed two new covers were for the landmark 50th issue My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic!

    Featuring art by Sara Richard and Andy Price, these covers are for the third and final the Chaos Theory Arc! No further details were give about the issue at this time—aside from what was already stated in the solicits to the first issue in this arc—however we can expect the full solicit for this issue to come out with the January Solicitations later this month!

    One item of note that's fairly important to point out. This issue marks the first use of the new MLP Logo in the comic series! Looks like that new logo really is going across the entire My Little Pony line. Licensed or otherwise.


    Right before the panel closed, IDW Published dropped one more thing! In Feburary we're getting a My Little Pony Annual Issue. The Annual will be the tie-in comic for My Little Pony: Guardians of Harmony. So right now it's not an ongoing series. We can expect the full solicitation for this issue to drop for IDW—including a full list of credits aside from Andy Price and Heather Breckel—to show up in February's Solicitations from IDW, which are expected next month.

    IDW has an exclusive 8 Page Aschan Sampler for the comic—provided by Hasbro, and yes it is the same 8 pages released with the official announcement from last week—up at their booth for those attending the convention. If you're attending the con be sure to pick it up!