• Ponies Invading the Media - Jimmy Fallon and the Weird Netflix Link, SD Radio Discusses the "Dark Side" of Brony, and More!

    We suddenly have an influx of ponies in the media, from the big stuff like Jimmy Fallon, to the smaller things like local radio stations and a new WatchMojo channel.

    Head on down below the break to check them out!

    Jimmy Fallon and Pony Prison

    Jimmy Fallon did a bit on Netflix entries mixing up, and ran into one about Twilight and friends living in prison.

    Check out the video here, pony at 2:00
    And a rap at 3:00 in this video with pony

    Thanks to Hannah, Feather, Ryan,and everyone else for sending it.

    San Diego's "ROCK1053" Discusses Ponies and the Dark Side of It 

    And joining Jimmy, a radio show over in San Diego decided to tackle the world of ponies with a bunch of people completely clueless on the subject, diving into some somewhat explicit subjects, including clop. It's public radio, so don't expect anything too graphic, but listen at your own risk regardless.

    Go listen over here.

    Thanks to Flare, and everyone else for sending it.

    Top Pony Princesses Starring Twilight

    WatchMojo's MsMojo does a Top 10 Animated Princesses, with Twilight Sparkle in the second slot. For the record, there are a lot of Tara Strongs in this video.

    Thanks to Jonny for the heads up! 

    Australian News Site Celebrates "BATS!" in Flying Fox Article

    STOP THE BATS. An Australian news site called The Herald did an article on managing the flying fox colonies over there, using "Stop the Bats!" as it's main point of focus for the entire thing.

    Check it out here!

    Poor bats.

    Thanks to Feather for sending it.