• Draw Spotlight Splash Event - The Entries!

    Artist - Brooke

    We asked and you drew! Spotlight got some fan art, and one random lucky person is going to get them some pony toys. Head on down below the break for all the entries! Thanks again to everyone who participated! 

    Head on down below the break for all of them.

    Artist - Magic Mares

    Artist - Netburst Celeron

    Artist - Harwick

    Artist - Squeaky Belle

    Artist - Brooke

    Artist - Ponyguru

    Artist - Kovu

    Artist - Ro

    Artist - Frostilla Glimmer

    Artist - Sharpshadow

    Artist - lordaledaxnder74

    Artist - Grace

    Artist - Red Thread

    Artist - Hailey

    Artist - Star Flower Pony

    (Random winner! MSPaint style)

    Artist - Maggie

    Artist - Melody Dream