• The Mystery of the UK Season 6 Early Releases - What to Expect This Week

    About a week ago, we reported on TV listings coming out of the UK, showing the rest of the season all airing back-to-back early. Expecting something strange going on, we kept an eye on it to see if anything changed. We are now less than a week from the biggest episode bomb pony has ever gotten, and it's looking like this is how it's going to turn out.

    One thing has changed though, the season finale is no longer the season finale. They have shifted the episode "Top Bolt" further back to the following Monday, probably to allow two back-to-back viewing days for the two-parter. I'll put the schedule below for anyone that wants to avoid spoilers on episode titles.

    • Wednesday - Episode 23 (Where the Apple Lies)
    • Thursday - Episode 25 (To Where and Back Again)
    • Friday - Episode 26 (To Where and Back Again)
    • Monday - Episode 24 (Top Bolt)

    All of these air at 8:00 AM UK time, or 12:00 AM PST

    Theories abound as to why this chaos is being unleashed.

    Some fun ones include:

    • Discovery Family isn't providing the viewership Hasbro wants. They need to sell toys after all! These two  UK channels are gargantuan over there.
    • Someone screwed up the schedule during the planning phase, but contracts can't be changed this late to fix it
    • They just want to watch us sweat
    • It's all actually wrong, and we will be surprised with a bunch of reruns! Ahhh

    In other news, this might prep us for that rumored Netflix release for season 7! Can you imagine 13-26 episodes all at once? It definitely wouldn't be good for fandomings. I always kinda liked having a week to absorb and use an episode before the next one releases. I'm not even sure how we'd do episode followups.

    Thanks to Perfect Blue, Scott, Silverthorn, and the armies of others that let us know! You all make it much easier on us when it's not our home country.