• To Where and Back Again Confirmed for Season 6 MLP Finale Title

    Zap2it has confirmed the finale for the season (probably through derping, like the title leaks a few months earlier). "To Where and Back Again" is now our finale, completing the leaked list of episodes earlier this year. Along with this the title "Top Bolt" was revealed for episode 24.

    What do you think it will involve? More time travel seems to be the most popular guess, but a few people have pointed out that the actual way the wording it laid out refutes that. I'm betting we get some major changes out of it regardless if the last few season finales are any indication. 

    Also Glim. Please.

    The listing has since been removed from Zap2It, but you can find a screencap below the break!

    Note: The synopsis for the finale is still derped and shows the S6E23 one instead. The season finale is not gonna be about Applejack telling a story about lying.