• Patreon Celebration - September - Apples Apples Apples!

    I admit, early on I wasn't too fond of Applejack. I've always lived in Arizona, and that hard working traiditonal cowgirl trope gets incredible tiring when you are constantly bombarded with it. Luckily she has shown to be much more than that over the past few seasons, and because of this, we celebrate with apples this month!

    Below the break, get your monthly celebration post. This month we will be introducing a few new forum based things to the patreon page in general.

    As always, I don't want any of this to be "exclusive access to early things" or anything. That always drives me nuts. Forum things will just be cosmetic, as well as permanent.

    We also have a new patreon commission supporter on the side bar. Be sure to check Sidera's art out and support them for supporting us! Her art is ridiculously cute.

    We also need more normal ideas for patreon rewards. If you have any good ones, feel free to email or drop them in the comments here.

    And if you want to join the patreonage, check out our post on why over here and hop in!

    Now go get your patreon celebration below!

    (Update: And go check out this too cause twilight's best journal waifu)

    Tier 1 - A Name and a Quote!

    Specially Trained Derp - No Quote!
    Pepperidge - "No pony can beat the Great and Powerful Fluttershy!"
    Civinti - "I don't have much of a quote, but thanks! You can quote that" (indeed Civinti! I shall)
    Oliander - "I hate olives" - (Good to know!)
    Allonzy - "Dr. hooves needs a side series" (I'd watch it)
    Luster - "Check out the Training Grounds, and give someone a fav, follow, or feedback. To a new artist, a little support can mean a lot."

    Tier 2 - An Image! 

    Ashley - "Back to school and artist training ground, perfect!"


    User - "The Cutest, Greatest, and most Powerfulest"

    Ryclaws - "Seth bait"
    (Throw some bat wings on her and I'd gladly accept whatever trap is in there.) 

    Divaz - "It better be Pinkie Pie this month"
    (eerrr sorry! Next month!)

    Koukatsu, 2016 - "I don't really have anything for the text."

    Niels Olof - "All hail Rarity!"

    From Chris

    Tier 3 - Videos!

    "It's time for sha-sha-sha-sha ... sh-sh-sh-sh-shameless plug!"

    All Other Tiers!

    Contributor room: 
    Bryan - No Quote!
    Ajnrules - "I love Rainbow Dash!"
    Ramm - " hey all, i hope you all are having an awsome Day ^^ best regards ramm"
    Novel Idea - "Marcus Cole: At least a dozen ships have reported seeing something rather godlike in the area and since neither you nor I were there, it must be one of the First Ones. 

    Cmdr. Susan Ivanova: You're having delusions of grandeur again. 

    Cmdr. Susan Ivanova: Well, if you're going to have delusions, may as well go for the really satisfying ones."

    Lahirien - "The Time to be happy is now. The place to be happy is here. The way to be happy is to watch My Little Pony!"

    In the land of Equestria, the garden of the Tree 
    Daughters of Epona is what they all be 
    She was once lost, entombed and forgotten 
    In death she returns to all that she'd begotten 

    In Canterlot, behind glass, now on display 
    At twilightpony.dreamwidth.org you will read of that day 
    When Twilight and her friends go to Canterlot and stare
    In the museum, in awe, at the bones of the All Mare

    Ryan - "It was so amazing to see the community donate to the girl with brain cancer. even this far along I am still amazed at what this fandom can do."

    Applejack Dance Party

    Lets go with Sweet Apple Acres from Fighting is Magic for the music here.