• Newbie Artist Training Grounds VI: Makeup Day II!

    Dang, when I said to draw a pony burning out I didn't expect something so sad. You guys are getting good at hitting all spots along the emotional spectrum aren't you? Keep it up you guys, I'm so proud of the variety you all are putting into these prompts! That creativity and determination netted us 118 ponies and bumping our total to 4305 ponies in all!

    As a reward for all your hard work I thought it would be a good time, especially since it is Labor Day weekend, to have another Makeup Day! That's right, for today's assignment all you have to do is either catch up on past prompts which you can find here, tackle a prompt you liked before or take the day off to recharge your artistic batteries. As usual, find the submitter here!

    On to the gallery we go my friends!

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