• MLP Create-a-Card Contest Gallery Update + Idea Brainstorming

    My Little Pony Create-a-Card Contest Entries

    The My Little Pony Create-a-Card Contest is in full swing, and the contest gallery has been updated to highlight seven hoof-picked entries.

    If you missed last week's announcement, 9 (or more!) lucky winners are going to get their art on cards in the new official MLP Trading Cards, 10 copies of their card to give to friends and family, and a booster box of trading card packs to roll around in like Scrooge McDuck.

    The deadline is September 12th, so if you're interested there's still time to join in - check out the full details and the official entry form.

    In the meantime, head below the break to see some of the entries and maybe brainstorm a few ideas on what you could do for your own trading card image!

    Here we have Sarah Z.'s art, recreating a scene from Rainbow Rocks in the poniverse. This is a fun idea - there are plenty of scenes in Equestria Girls that have never taken place in Friendship is Magic that would make neat cards! Or you could even just do Sunset Shimmer visiting in Equestria, or ponified versions of the sirens like on this card... There are lots of fun options.

    This is entry is from Serra20 in Lithuania, who came up with a brand new scene idea. Scootaloo thinks Rainbow Dash is the best flier in all of Equestria, but she'd still probably be pretty impressed by getting a ride from the Captain of the Wonderbolts, right?

    There are so many MLP characters that have never met, or have lots of room to spend more time together, so there's the start of many great ideas we've already seen in art and fics. How would Dr. Hooves and Lyra get along? Has Gilda ever baked for Gustave le Grand? Will Ember ever visit Spike in Ponyville? There are too many ideas to possibly list here!

    Dreamy Hearts decided really liked the last shot of season five, as the camera panned away from all our favorite ponies in Ponyville, and drew up an artistic representation of that scene. There are hundreds of epic scenes from the show just begging to be put on a trading card. Heck, there are dozens in just Episode 100!

    And Lunar-White-Wolf decided to focus on a single character and make them epic all on their own. It goes to show you that just choosing your favorite character and putting them somewhere cool is all you need to make a great trading card! Though keep in mind that most ponies can't breathe in space. That's kind of important.

    There are more entries to check out the gallery page, and if you're interested in entering then the contest is still open until September 12th.

    Have any great ideas for trading cards you'd like to see someone make, or just want some help coming up with new ideas to use on your own entry? Chat it up in the comments below!