• Newbie Artist Training Grounds VI: Day 29

    I would like to dedicate this post to Phoe and her love of Bon Bon and Lyra. You know, I remember the very first ATG back before I was a significant part of EqD, remembering what a cool idea it was and how impressive it was to see a fandom come together for the sake of drawing cute little ponies. It was all thanks to Phoe that we are here today and though she doesn't actively work on the site anymore I bet she still checks in to see how you all are doing and how proud she must be of you guys. Thanks Phoe, even if you can't be here for the ATG physically we know you're here for us in spirit!

    Evening guys, we're almost at the big day, huh? Today is the final day for a unique prompt and I've picked out one I think is appropriate considering all the work you've put into the past month! What can we expect next though? Well tomorrow will be our last Makeup Day, letting you guys tackle any of the ATG's past month of prompts with the day after being your graduation day prompt.

    With business out of the way, how did you guys do last night? Well, you all brought in a total of 98 ponies bringing our total up to 5344 ponies! Nice work once again my friends.

    Now, remember I said I had a special prompt picked out just for you guys tonight? Considering all you have gone through to get to this point I think it's appropriate to draw a reaping an award/draw a pony at the end of its rope. Heck, I'm tired after just keeping track of everything over the past month, I can't imagine how tired you all are but I assume it's also been an award to many of you! As usual find our submitter here.

    To the gallery my friends!

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