• Lead Character Designer Kora Kosicka - Rainbow Dash's Dad Not Her Dad, Apple Parents Dead and More

    Some interesting news out of a convention held in Warsaw, Poland this month (Middle Equestrian Convention) during a panel with Kora Kosicka. During the hour and a half panel a variety of questions were asked but some key information has been summarized for us by some people that were at the convention and the panel.

    Check on after the break for the full details.

    Update - Some information on who Kora is: (From BABSCon Presser) 

    "Kora’s been working her magic as a character designer for MLP:FiM since season 3, becoming lead character designer for seasons 5 and 6. She also provided the character concept designs for Equestria Girls, leading the character design efforts for Rainbow Rocks and Friendship Games. And she was the character designer for season 1 of Littlest Pet Shop."

    Rainbow Dash's Dad is Not Her Dad

    Ever since we saw filly Rainbow Dash resting on top of the head of a very similar looking pegasus (who also made an appearance during the Hearth's Warming Tail episode) we have assumed the pegasus to be Rainbow Dash's father. But according to a question about Rainbow Dash's Family and when we'd see them in the show, Kora made note that to her knowledge:

    "I don't think any character that can be described as Rainbow Dash's parents have appeared yet. I can't comment to whether they will appear in the future, I hope so.

    The person asking the question, a little surprised, went on to further ask about the Rainbow colored pegasus we take to be as her father: "How about her Dad? There was an episode with the Olympics and she was like on some pony's head?"

    To which she responded: "No, that wasn't the dad."

    So unless she is remembering wrong as it was a brief scene from so long ago it would appear that the pegasus is not Rainbow's Dad. What this might mean for the future is anyone's guess.

    The time stamp where this occurs can be found here.

    AJ Parent Death Confirmation

    Not only did we get some info about Rainbow Dash, but we got some more about AJ as well. The question by the audience was simple enough: Are Applejack's parent's dead?

    The answer from Kora boiled down to just a simple one word answer: "Yes." which drew a reaction from the crowd.

    So an obvious followup question by the audience was: "How did they die?"

    Kora responded by saying: "I'm sure one day you'll find out, the story of Applejack's parents. But it's a spoiler."

    To me this indicates they have a backstory of how AJ's parents passed away and with that framework in place we just might find out what happened someday. 

    That portion of the panel confirming death can be found here. Part of the panel on how they died here.

    Kora Would Like To See Zebras, and a Royal Sisters Episode

    Further questions for Kora included two asking about zebras in Equestria and the Royal Sisters. While she wasn't able to give any specific details she did say that she would like to work on both subjects if she gets the chance.

    Zebra's here. Royal Sisters here.

    We haven't been able to dig through the whole hour and a half yet but those appear to be the important points pressed on us by the people who sent this into us. We're going to include the full panel below for you guys to dig into and we or you guys find any more interesting tidbits we'll be adding them to this post as they come up.

    A huge thanks to Wonsz and Damian for summarizing the important points for us and providing us with the timestamps!

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